Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 - News and Rumors

I’m afraid the hope for a silo is waning…

Watch Shane’s video for an explanation of the water drop/dumbell hinge design that Samsung will reportedly use on the ZF5 to minimize screen creasing:

Unfortunately - that design image and his explanation makes me even more concerned about NO silo since they are obviously using the extra 0.2mm per side to accommodate the internal storage of the screen itself…

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My Fold 3 could then see another year of usage if the 5 drops without a siloed pen.


Not that it replaces a silo but I’ve heard there is a new clever case for it that handles the stylus storage much better.


Yes, but far more complain about the visibility of the crease than express a desire or even care about a pen.

Tyranny of the majority…

OTOH when I had my Fold 3 I essentially stopped noticing the crease generally after about a week of using it.


Is it basically impossible to build a Note style S Pen (stick) for the Fold?

No but it may not be worth the effort/expense.

One thing that people continue to discount is how incredibly complex the folds hinge/screen tech is. And adding a silo except possibly along one edge of the device would make it all the more so. Especially if they put it in the center as most would like.

I just assumed it would have to be in one of the frame edges - especially since it doesn’t recharge…

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And I think Samsung is unlikely to ever do that as among other things it would make the device asymmetrical which is antithetical to Samsungs current design ethos.

So @Desertlap, this is our only hope?

Haven’t seen anything yet, but I’m sure there are people trying things. Anything would be better than the Samsung case for the Fold 3 was.

I thought the Spigen Thin Fit with pen slot was “better” but the non-symmetrical spacing, as you noted before, was very off-putting in practical use.

Same here. For me the whole cease thing is overrated.

If they ever do add a silo, I really don’t expect it along the hinge.

There’s already far too much going on in there for it to be worth it, especially if they also want to have the pen have Bluetooth too.

Down a side would be much better and easier to do, probably the one without the camera module. And people are still complaining that the outer display is too narrow, so they could use the few extra mm to make that wider too. Or, you know, add some physical/tactile buttons or something…