Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Will Dale keep his… oh never mind!


D@mn, that’s cold. :innocent:


I don’t see a poll feature, whoever made that one poll ahem :slight_smile:


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I’d still vote that he’d keep it.

He won’t stay in the Apple house forever.

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Hit the gear wheel and you should see the poll feature. :wink: You can do polls within a conversation too so it doesn’t necessarily have to be the top/original post.

Couple of months with this device and it’s grown on me. I’m convinced Sammy got it right over the Duo and even the Oppo and Honor/ Huawei foldables.

Still think the Z fold 4 should come with an S pen slot (no brainer) and in two sizes: a Fold 4 that keeps the current size, and a wider Fold 4 plus.

Hope those lurking tech journalists followed us over to this new home and are taking notes.


‘Fold 4 confirmed to have this long awaited feature… click here to go to the article.’

The “click here” isn’t working?


I’m finding that the one key feature for me is, the ability to comfortably read research paper or textbook PDFs. Just that alone will make me stay with foldables.


@Desertlap, you’re the only person I’m sure rocks a US Fold 3, so here’s a question for you, does the US version have eSIM compatibility such that one can use two SIMs simultaneously like a combination of a nano-SIM and eSIM?
Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately not on any US version of the Fold 3 carrier or unlocked. There is a belief/hope that since the mainboard is believed for all intents and purposes, the same as in the s21 (which does have esim capability in some markets ) that the capability is there for the Fold 3 as well but is “turned off” via firmware.

We have not seen any reliable claims/evidence of esim capability in any US models and unlike the international models, including “unlocked” there is only one nano sim slot whereas the international models have two. It would not surprise me in the least that they dropped the chip support for esim with the same change that gives US models only one nano slot.

BTW: Blame US carriers for this as they all actively fight against any dual sim support either dual slot or esim in US models. The IPhone is the notable exception as Apple more or less tells carriers what they will get :frowning:


That s#@ks!

The international versions like the Japanese one has only a SIM card slot but supports eSIM + nano-SIM dual standby.


First “long term usage report” I’ve seen on the Fold 3. Yes it’s video and I’ve stated my preference otherwise, but this one still has merit.

One note (pun intended) on this is that I agree that it seems an obvious miss on the surface that the fold 3 doesn’t support the pen on the outer display. However I think he also misses that it’s far more likely a technical issue with interference with yet another EMR Grid. Something that took extensive work just to solve with the Fold 3’s internal display and it’s two EMR grids.

As anecdotal evidence of that, I’ve discovered under certain circumstances, the inner display will pick up pen contact on the back of the phone as input. It’s very inconsistent and not at all accurate, but indicates to me that at a minimum putting pen support on the outer display would require additional shielding and thus make an already very thick phone, even thicker.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review, eight months later in 2022 - SamMobile


Since they are already doing significant processing on the controller to handle the digitizer gap, I think the main cost would be extra routing complexity and energy consumption. The shielding layer is already quite thin, relative to the display stack:


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Couldn’t they put in a switch to turn off the internal grid when closed?


A fantastically bad pun and a good price, what’s not to like:

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