RIP Surface Duo

So sayeth Zac Bowden:

If there is a Surface Duo 3, it will be a Galaxy Fold type of device…sad day for creativity…

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I may be (am) insane, but what if Microsoft is REALLY going to be BRAVE -

Android Phone when closed

WOA tablet when opened…


I had a similar thought. Imagine if Windows Phone was still around, what MS could be doing with a device like this. One good thing about the anouncement is that I am likely to sit tight for awhile and not jump on the S23 Ultra reflexively, given what may be coming from MS or the improvements that might cause at Samsung.


Fascinated and depressed at the same time.

Both the Bowden article and others left me with the impression that a D3 debut is unlikely during 2023. Hopefully I’m wrong.


Unfortunately I believe @Bishop is spot on - this won’t see the light of day before 2024, and by then the Galaxy Fold 6 and Pixel Fold 2 will both be on the horizon, and if the Oppo Find N2 makes its way east, Surface Fold 1 may be DOA…

May even be an iPad Fold (Mini) in the hunt by then…

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A more svelte version of this, but also foldable?


Is the Surface Duo 3 hiding in plain sight?

(Galaxy Z Fold 5: A Thicker and Heavier Upgrade? -

This is a comparison of the Z Fold 4 to the Oppo Find N2 - even I would fall for the N2 design if it had pen support - and that sure looks like a good form factor (and minimal crease) for dual screen purposes as well…

PS - reading these various articles on the 0.2mm thicker Fold 5 (for pen storage) several very carefully refer to a “holster” and none talk about a silo - so are they planning an fixed/attachable holster for the left frame of the Fold 5 itself?

I believe a pivot to WOA for it’s next foldable would make more sense for MS. While the Dual screen effort was laudable, we all know how Google frustrated most of it by refusing to work with them. That left MS over relying on the Launcher, hence the numerous software bugs. With WOA (or at least releasing both android and it) they’d be better able to control the OS and make customizations native to it.
Tried using my OG SDuo today for a simple Microsoft Word task, but the SW glitches were driving me insane, I shut it down and picked up my Fold 3. MS cannot compete with Sammy on software in the Android foldable space.

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All that thickness and no silo? They might as well maintain the size of the Fold 3. I $10 case I got from AliExpress has been holding up very well as a work around for carrying the pen without creating much bulk.

Not saying there wont be a silo, just that the language the rumor-mongers are using keeps referring to “holster” and I take that to be a long edge holder like the Spigen Thin Fit case uses. Maybe they can’t figure how to make the Note stick-like S Pen work with the Fold…

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Maybe Microsoft should just import the Oppo Find N2 (if they can add a digitizer):

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Come on Panos - license the Oppo Find N2, add that Slim S pen digitizer layer, and declare victory:

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The Pixel Foldable will be very similar. No clue as to if or what kind of pen, however. Probably no pen, just like the Oppo Find N2.

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Oppo Find N2
Pixel Fold
Surface Duo 3

I’m really liking this move to a shorter and wider format than the Fold - especially the Find N2. iMessage/FaceTime may finally be kicked to the curb…

I would LOVE life with only a convertible (SP8 or even SP10) and a Phablet…

This Reddit says there is a pen for the Oppo Find N2

Just HAD to quote myself from the Duo Uno as mini tablet thread and plead:


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PS - it can be yours, for a price (as in LAPTOP price):

To quote Simon Cowell: “Thats a no from me.”

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Less than retail for a Fold4 512gb plus a pen - $1970

There’s also the issue of radio bands matching up with your cell service, often a showstopper with these so-called global releases. “Global“ means most everywhere except for North America, usually.