Pixel Fold

I wonder if Google will ever get this to market? Is the type of pen technology rumored? Google postpones launch of foldable smartphone, again - THE ELEC, Korea Electronics Industry Media

I have never seen it mentioned that it might have a pen at all. I kind of doubt it.

Google ought to just license the Fold 4 and rebrand as “Google Pixel Fold G Without all the Samsung S***”

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I’d seriously consider this device to replace my Pixel 7 Pro and Surface Duo 1. It all depends on the camera.

How’s it different from the ZFold?

No pen?

It’s not Samsung. I just cannot get with any Samsung products, after the two expensive devices that simply did not work. (Laptop and their first Windows 8 tablet with the screen that fell off). :upside_down_face:

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The dimensions / aspect ratio are giving me real Surface Duo vibes. No pen though as far as anyone knows.


I have loved my Samsung Galaxy Notes. I owned both for more than 3 years each and they were flawless. I do remember the Windows 8 Tablet wtih the break-away display.

Well, its official, with more to come 5/10:

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No pen … DOA to me!


$1800! DOA for me as well :sweat_smile:

BTW, based on the byline/subhead I’m not sure if they know what “hold em or fold em” means. Then again, I don’t know what a byline is, so I guess we’re even.

Ars also weighs in:

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Well, even if it’s dead, the legacy of the Surface Duo lives on with its white plastic bumper. Seen here stolen by Google:

That really makes it look like my Duo Uno!


Funny, but the Duo Uno is still probably the only folding device would I would buy ATM.


A lot of folks expected them to undercut Samsung on pricing, which they obviously didn’t do at $1,800. Add that to the fact they only released it in 4 countries, I don’t see this being an overly strong performer.

Gets a little exhausting watching companies take such a reserved “dip a toe in the water” approach only for the product to fail. If google was going to jump all in (ie a selling price that would move lots of units and offering it more widely), they could have potentially taken a large chunk of the market and brought foldables further towards general adoption (rather than the select few that are willing to spend the big $$$ on new innovative tech).

My rant for the day at what I found a pretty disappointing launch.


On the upside, the guy introducing the device was the least cringe-worthy of tech presenters I’ve seen in a long time! Pretty entertaining actually.

Ars have lost the plot.

In what sense? Anything obviously wrong with Ron’s article?

Out of curiosity I checked what they were offering for trade-ins.

Not bad. That would be tempting if I was of a mind to switch ecosystems. They’re also throwing in a Pixel Watch.


Comparison article by The Verge. That wider aspect ratio makes a huge difference in folded use. Pixel Fold on the left, Galaxy Z Fold 4 on the right.