Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Last time I tried a Samsung /Android device it nagged the ■■■■ out of me to have a Samsung account, and use its store along with the Google store. And I didn’t care for the One UI skin.

They don’t require that anymore.


For you and @Desertlap it seems so.

But I’ve been enjoying mine for getting on three years now.

Yes, I still use a tablet. Much less than I used to and now always have something on hand with a big(ish) screen when before I’d only had a noticeably smaller screen at hand.

And it’s not like I stick to the Fold only because I don’t have other devices at my disposal. I have nice collection, including some very compact ones. I just don’t feel drawn to them anymore though.


As further evidence that overall durability of foldable displays, there’s this from the Verge which does have some real world evidence that they hold up.

OTOH the writer is someone who I’d be sorely tempted to pull a Will Smith move on, but…

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Long-term durability report: Here’s what Samsung still can’t get right | Engadget

"There’s a relatively large scratch on its frame and a couple of scuffs on its hinge, but those are all cosmetic dings. I should also mention I’m not someone who puts phones in skins or cases, this thing has lived naked since the day I got it. So while I haven’t been traveling much, the sheer number of times this phone has endured being knocked out of my hand or fallen on the floor while rushing to grab my kid after a nap is kind of impressive.”

Get in line for the Will Smith treatment…

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My devices all end up with small scratches somewhere and the odd drop, but…

I’ll never understand people who drop their devices all the time. And then there are those who not only drop them in toilets, but act like doing is a normal thing…


You’d think someone who professes to drop their phone that often would… you know… maybe get a case for it?


Except that in my case specifically, a lot of the cases including the Samsung OEM cases, especially the one with the pen holder, actually increased my propensity for dropping them :frowning:

That “flopping cover” (see how I cleaned up my language there while describing that stupid flip open front cover) is a hazard in itself for dropping the phone…


Yeah, I abandoned flip covers for that reason.

Well, they’re find on tablets, but are just a hazard on-the-go.

Purported photos of the Fold 4. Looks wider.

Could be ratio games. I think its just a hair shorter

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Really? Could’ve sworn it’s same length but wider by a few MMs.

But if that’s all it’s got going for it, color me uninterested. Really want it in an ultra size with a pen slot plus pen support on front screen.

Think I’m stretching it?

Maybe next year. Hopefully.

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I get so tickled by all the “tech specialists” at TomsGuide, Cnet, and other places going nuts over the new Fold 4 screen aspect ratio being “wider” and so different, just the same size diagonal - here’s what it amounts to:



Looks like Apple’s not the only idea thief out there…

Samsung Fold 4 Case - rumors are that you will get the case and the S Pen with pre-orders (in addition to discounts and trade in goodies)

Fold 3 Case - bought one like this with mine last August

Useless case! And they had to copy the most impractical one.

This one’s much more handy. Been using it for months. Just the front part with the slimmer Samsung case on the back.

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Apparently it IS possible to make a thin foldable phone. Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 is only 5 mm. Too bad it doesn’t use a stylus.


Final reminder - you only have one day left to pre-register (no commitment) at Samsung for the $200 package discount on the Fold 4, Watch 5, and Buds 2…

If only they had fit the REAL Note S Pen in the body of the device I might still have lingering interest…


I wouldn’t put another foray into Foldland beyond you. How many times have you done the Mac/Surface dance so far?