Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

This one needs a discussion topic, so here it is. S-Pen in a silo! The Note series is not discontinued, it only got a name change and release synchronized with the other premium non-folding smartphones.

The @lisaMobileTechReview first look:

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For @Bronsky - the S22 Ultra can withstand running it over with your car. :vb-agree:


That is so great. Here I was developing a device torture test years before YouTubers caught onto it.


Next comes the lawsuit for prior use…


It’ll be interesting to see if they’re doing an every 2 year cadence though. As in, will all of the Galaxy Ultras going forward have S-pen integrated? Or will next year’s be more of a ‘regular’ Galaxy Ultra, and then the S24 would be the ‘Note’ Ultra?

What…miss out on annual upgraders who want the newest hero color or additional gb of RAM?

Lisa’s first look review. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra First Look Review - YouTube

Her usual greatness. Full review coming soon.

Okay, which is the inbed media button?

I already added the first look from Lisa in the first post. To embed a video just drop the link on a new, blank line.

Let’s see…

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“…you and your silly english kinigets!” That’s us, the kinigets of the tablet table…

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Nah, this is us:

Now, enough of the derailing!

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@Tams - sorry to disagree, but we are PERPETUALLY on the GRAIL QUEST around here…

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No, no, no. We are perpetually indecisive and yet exacting about what we want. Then when we get it, only temporarily satiated by it.


There’s a first post? :vb-agree:

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Interesting counterpoint to the " pen silo is all that matters" crowd … :grinning:

The S Pen in the Galaxy S22 Ultra is great, but it could be so much better | Android Central

He forgot to COMPLETELY describe the “better” pen:

But this is better…and often lost in the bottom of my bag, left at home, or just left on my desk as I rushed to a meeting…

Having been an owner of two of those cases to haul the full size pen, I’d say they were tolerable at best - NOT a solution. Stick with the siloed S-Pen and put a clip on the full size pen as a $99 upgrade accessory for those so inclined.


What they always fail to realize is that while you can always add a better S-Pen—there are many choices—you cannot add a pen-in-silo at any price. So a design that includes a silo for the (small) pen is win-win for everyone.


Well my response initially was that I’m in the make a case with an integrated holder contingent. But Samsung’s track record so far vis a vis the Fold 3 case, and I’ll quietly slink back to my corner :flushed:

The pen case for the S21U was actually pretty good. A nice compromise. But the Note-style silo is far superior IMHO. You can go caseless or with a thin skin and still always have the pen available. And then get a pen of my own choosing, with the size and feel that I prefer, if I wish. I have half a dozen good ones on hand from previous tablets or individual purchases. But those are for tablets—with the phone I never needed a larger pen because I’m always just doing quick notes.


This is the crowd that too frequently actually know little about what they review. They usually just go with whatever is in the review kit they get sent. They are entertainers more than reviewers. I mean, @Desertlap briefly :sparkles: saw the stars :sparkles: due to their laziness and laxness.

Of course, there are exceptions like Lisa, but they aren’t as popular or prominent.

Plus, we are anoraks aficionados here.

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