When the Site Goes Down…

You can check the TPCR subReddit, r/TabletPCReview, for info. The recent outage was covered here:


@Hifihedgehog, @JoeS and everyone else who has a hand in keeping this site going:


You folks are doing a tremendous job with this site and working far too hard for all of us!


Hey, no problem! It was a hidden blessing as I had been prolonging the inevitable and this incident forced my hand. When I first spinned up this server back in 2018, its OS was on CentOS 7 which has since (though it “officially” has support through 2024) been largely abandoned by RedHat in favor of their commercial ventures and become a bit buggy (for example, yum, the package manager I used, has displayed a well-known error when it is run because of this key lack of support). So I was needing to take it down and “upgrade” (in Linux-land, that means a full wipe and fresh install from scratch) to the latest and greatest anyway and the forced downtime finally made that rubber meet the asphalt. The plus side is we’re finally on a shiny new server OS now with a long lifespan of support ahead of it (AlmaLinux 8, through 2029!), we’ve got some flashy new speed upgrades from its upgraded libraries, as well as some other manually added speed-boosting spit-and-polish like full IPv6 implementation (meaning less “hops” that translates into lower latency) (random note: we already had QUIC and HTTP/3 a few years ago so we are well ahead of the modern web curve) which I just finished adding today to the DNS records and web server. Test


:man_shrugging:t5:Sounds totally Greek to me, still big thanks for all the effort.


@Hifihedgehog - since the upgrade I’ve been seeing problems when editing a post - I keep getting a “403 error” but if I tell it to just save the edit as a draft, the changes I made do appear in the actual post. If I try to discard the changes the site locks down and I have to close the tab.


Ditto. Just started happening to me this morning.


It’s the ModSecurity rules I had running, which I observed in toggling them off. Ideally, I want these to stay on for server security. Still, it’s not a show stopper. Even without it, I also have CSF running (which can detect and thwart botnets) and have China, Russia, Romania, Turkey, and Pakistan (hacker capitals) all geoblocked as well. test

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The is a test reply.

Now I’ve edited the test reply.

Second edit - looks like it is working again…I hate to even bother you with this stuff since you are doing so much for the community already.


I am testing right now to see which .conf file it is in ModSecurity that this is causing the issue. So far, I am a quarter down the list and no issues. testing test


testing test test test

FYI - just now tired to edit typo in my post in the far out iPhone event thread and got the 403 error…

Sorry for the slow turnaround—had to step away for a bit. Is it still an issue for you? I believe I figured out the security filter that was causing it. Try it now and let me know if it’s still giving you grief.


@Hifihedgehog I was able to delete a stuck draft that wouldn’t post. All good, thanks!