TPCR Down for Count?

Looking bleak over there. Down all yesterday and this morning. Glad e have this sight for refugees - thanks Sonic!


The sister site,, is having identical problems. Might just be server issues/maintenance that’ll clear up after the weekend is over.

Hopefully so. But even if this one is a false alarm, one of these days it will be the real thing.


I think you are right - just inevitable.

I just noticed it was exactly one year ago we had a similar shutdown.

… and they renewed for another year, so that’s encouraging. Maybe. Not that a wasted domain renewal fee would make anyone hesitate if they wanted to shut things down. :fearful:

And I was hoping to poach the name… :crazy_face:

The following news is embargoed, so please do not share it outside this forum and definitely not on TPCR.

Tech Target has announced that the TPCR forum will be closed “at the end of January, 2022.” THEORETICALLY, Tech Target was supposed to issue this news at mid-month to give the membership two weeks to decide what to do. Although I have no reason not to expect them to follow though, this interruption at this time is troubling, hence this early disclosure. NOTE: TPCR the site appears to be up but forum.TPCR is down.

As you are obviously aware, sonic has generously provided for this alternative forum where we can hopefully continue with business as usual. While it is currently bare-bones, there are discussions about how to flesh it out a bit as it grows into a TPCR replacement. If any of you have ideas or want to volunteer to help moderate, please post.

In a spirit of transparency, there is also another option for TPCR refugees; DRTigerlilly has established a subreddit that can also serve as a TPCR substitute. JoeS and possibly some other recognizable members have agreed to moderate. And of course, you can join both. The URL is:

More information will be posted as needed. In the meantime, just be aware that things are in a state of flux and some details may be subject to change at short notice.


@SteveS - Thanks for letting us know. I hope the TPCR forums come back up and they give the announcement. Otherwise a lot of members won’t find out about this or the subReddit options.


@SteveS - thanks for the heads up. If you are working with Sonic on this site please let us know how we can contribute (financially) to help with a successful launch.

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@SteveS - one more note - TPCR home page is working, but all links off the home page are still being rejected.

Thanks! I have the domain all bought and paid for through 2030 so that base is covered. The resident server meanwhile is used by other projects and only costs me a few dollars a month so we are in good shape. I will be discussing things more tomorrow about our direction in moving forward here for those opting for the forum route, but we are using Discourse and I am game to install and configure things however everyone wants. Note that if I install an extension there is a 5-10 minute downtime to rebuild the forum environment but I can add numerous features for people’s enjoyment.

For example, we have the option for someone to select best answer, have responses sorted by upvoting and even have Reddit-like tiered replies as you can see in this example on the old Tech & Tiny forum which may be useful for people with buying advice or technical questions (see link below). This can all be controlled based on the tag or forum section you select when creating a thread.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Reddit, I use it a lot, and it definitely has a significantly larger community to tap into right out of the gate, but I believe Discourse is a much more powerful and better designed tool for online forum-like discussion. Ultimately, I leave it though in the you guys’, the TCPR community’s hands, to decide our direction as Steve expressed in his sentiments above.

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I went back and updated my post…

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Ah, this makes a lot of sense, given the givens. I admit to feeling quite a bit of shock when I went to browse yesterday, just hoping to catch up on the latest ProArt monitor news. I hope that we can grow this place (& the subreddit if people enjoy it too!) into a place that suits our needs. :smiley:

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@SteveS - desertlap asked me to pass this along (hopefully he’ll be able to join us later this week):

“ You might want to relay to Steve that based on our security scans, all of tech targets sites and the domain appear to have been hacked. So at the very least proceed wth exceptional caution.”


@dstrauss : If you are in touch with desertlap, tell him that I am just watching and waiting to see if the forums come back up. If so, I’ll try to post something to let the larger membership know that the end is near (if it isn’t the end already)…

Will do Steve

Thank you for posting the link at TPCR and will definitely hang out here each day to help build things up!

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Wow, I didn’t think TPCR would come back up again. Now everyone can be informed of the options for after it does go down for good at the end of the month. :vb-cheer:

I would have never found this site on my own, so I’m lucky TPCR went up again. Had no idea it was shutting down, that will be a sad end of a personal internet era.

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Yes, welcome! I just got a Surface Pro 8 today so I’m a bit occupied setting that up. But I’ll be doing my best to get things set up for everyone.