Two months in.. how do you like the new forum?

As @SteveS recently pointed out to us forum staff with the link above, it is now okay to scrape forum content wholesale. While we as forum staff won’t necessarily be scraping content right and left, you as forum members can feel empowered to restore content wholesale to here as you feel so inclined.

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Not sure if you still visit the Categories page, but FWIW, I just upped the number of recent posts shown per category to five. Hope that helps surface some less active threads.

Sounds a lot like a role that I’ve had multiple times, and I think my favorite, Sales Engineer or the more trendy title Solutions Architect.

Regardless, congratulations and good luck!

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Would it be a horrible heresy to the history of the forum to alphabetize the three tablet categories and so bump Apple above Windows on the homepage? :rofl: Not saying if it also has something to do with @dstrauss ‘s move to Appletraz…

Kind of! :sweat_smile: How about Apple-Windows-Android? The Android category seems to be the least active for now.


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Yes, it would be heresy. There are still far more Windows tablets than any other (for productivity at least).