Done: moved E-Ink devices from Google to Technology

Wondering if people care one way or the other. Right now most of our e-ink discussions are under Google > E-ink devices, but it doesn’t seem right to have say the Amazon Scribe in the Google subforum, given that it has nothing to do with Google or Android.

My suggestion would be to move that whole subforum to the Technology forum section to make it easier to find for new visitors. Any strong feelings for or against?

Edit: 6 thumbs up and no concerns = let’s do it!


Could I piggyback this, and suggest that handheld PCs be moved to a “Handhelds and Gaming” section under Technology.

True, most of these are Windows devices, but the granddaddy is the Steam Deck which is Linux, and the most affordable handhelds (eg. Ayn Odin) are Android.

As for gaming, most of this does occur on Windows, but the gaming discussions on this forum often involve emulation, like @Dellaster’s efforts to perfect his Skyrim build running on M1, and much of handheld gaming revolves around retrogaming, which uses cross-platform tools like RetroArch.

Yay, nay, thoughts?


Agreed with both suggestions.


Ok, given how fast @JoeS moves on these forum cleanup operations, I better start pulling my weight too.

I’ve created and populated the new ‘Handhelds and Gaming’ section, positioning it just under the Pens & Accessories section. (I figured that’s about the relevance compared to other more tablet-centric subcategories.)