Done - renamed Tablet Setups category to General Discussion

I was about to start a thread about recent purchases and sales, and noticed there really isn’t a category for something like that. It’s not off-topic, and it’s not really “tablet setup”. IMO “tablet setups” is quite narrow, resulting in a quiet category (five threads total right now).

How about renaming “Tablet setups” to “General Discussion”? That still leaves room for “Tablet setup” related discussions, but also allows general tech musings threads. The five threads currently in there could stay.

Community > General discussion would be for all our musings, including something like the old “companion phone” thread

The “Technology” category feels more specific, about new tech developments (new screen tech, new CPUs and SoCs etc), whereas something like the old ‘companion’ thread was more “shooting the breeze with fellow community members”, which seems like a better fit in a Community > General discussion subcategory.

So, what do we think, is renaming Tablet setups to General discussion OK? Description could be something like “Discussions of tablets and related hardware that don’t fit in any other category.


Not a bad suggestion, but I’d like to keep the “personal” aspect to it. It should be about our members’ personal setups and journey, their experiences and insights…so maybe “Tablet Musings” (or how bout just coming out and saying… “The Quest:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Done, I snuck the word ‘musings’ into the Category description. :+1:t2:

Edit: and as promised I made that thread above recent purchases and sales, perfect fit for General discussion. :slight_smile:

By the way, maybe someone should start a “Tablet setups” thread in the General Discussion subcategory, with a nice picture of a good setup as the OP and a description inviting others to share their own setup. Who starts?