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Carrying on the discussion from the old forum thread, “List of tablets and convertibles with stylus”:

There have been multiple users expressing interest in maintaining this thread into the future. However, I believe this kind of information would be better suited to a wiki.

The major benefit is that a wiki can be gradually updated by the community as a whole, and the format is naturally suited to citing information sources for digitizer specs (eg: snapshots, current forum posts, press releases, and manufacturer literature).

The TPCR wiki is side project that I’ve been discussing with @Hifihedgehog that is expected to take several month to come to fruition. It is intended to serve as a companion site to the forums, and a general resource for tablet PC information.

Please share your thoughts and ideas for the wiki structure/design and integration with the forums.


Just a quick followup to this, the domain name appears available.

I think it is nice and simple, while also being easily reachable for the general public.


I do like the idea of making it community editable. The big challenge with the Win8 tablet / Win10 tablet threads was that the main person maintaining them eventually couldn’t keep up with the many new tablet releases. A Wiki might avoid that fate.


Great idea.

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