Trying out showing a few more recent posts per category - thoughts?

Until now we’ve had three recent posts per category shown on the Categories page, which left a lot of white space:

Three recent posts per category

I just set all of them to showing five recent posts per category.

Five recent posts per category

What do people think? Helpful, too cluttered, or “Gimme MOAR clutter!” ?


Nice! It leaves plenty of white space while giving moar. :+1:

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Great, that’s what I was going for. I tried six but imo it got to be a bit much. Hoping this strikes a decent balance.

I also see that with five recent posts you start seeing a couple of posts from one or two days ago, so reasonably active posts will show, but posts that haven’t been visited in weeks won’t. Looks like this way the Categories page is a decent way of checking what’s going on without having to navigate into the various categories.

I may not have looked yet (only just discovered I’m supposed to use shortcuts with the forum (joke)) but is there a recent posts drop down or tab?

It’s a bit “Darwinian” but I like it.

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Yes, here: TabletPCReview Forum

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