Two months in.. how do you like the new forum?

On iOS you can tap the icon of the external hard drive (?) with the up arrow to upload an image from your photo library, Files, or take a new picture.



I believe this is a limitation of Discourse at the moment. The lack of a unified “new posts” section is actually an ongoing topic in the Discourse feedback forum.

For now, a solution is to set your “Preferences > Notifications > Consider topics new when : I haven’t viewed them yet” and “Automatically track topics I enter : immediately”.

This will make the “New” header on the homepage show all new threads (ie. threads you haven’t visited).

To see new posts in threads you have visited (ie. tracked topics), use the “Unread” header on the homepage.

(Note: the “Latest” header shows a reverse chronological view of all new/old threads by update time, with a divider to show which ones have changed since your last visit.)

Not the cleanest, but functional (bonus perk: gives you a nice way to separate updated threads from totally new ones :wink:).


I feel what @Hifihedgehog @JoeS @Marty and others have done here is nothing short of spectacular - from almost nothing to a fully functional community just floors me. Sorry folks, I’m not saying we shouldn’t continue to improve, but frankly I think they’ve already done more than we have any right to ask in building this site.


I think I found the reason for our lack of search results: no sitemap. I just added a sitemap since Discourse does not include one by default. I also just requested Google via their Search Console to scan the sitemaps as well as index our homepage and five category pages. Once you see results at this link, we should be on Google.

Microsoft seems to be already watching us. Bing surprisingly already has our site indexed. Since Yahoo! shares their crawling data, we should be searchable there as well.


DuckDuckGo’s results are almost identical to Bing so I guess that’s what they use? Regardless, the site shows up there.


The difference is, if I search Bing with tablet pc review, or tabletpcreview, I don’t get the site in results. At least not anywhere on the first couple pages. I have to know already to put tabletpcreview forum. If I’m not specifically searching for the forum, it doesn’t come up. It’s mainly for new users looking for info that I’m thinking of this.


I don’t know why, but it shows up for me at the bottom of page 1 on Bing when I search for tablet pc review:

Strange. I’m on my desktop. I wonder if there’s a difference in how it searches on the Android version.

Searches such as “Surface Laptop Studio” don’t show this site in the first ten pages, but if you try something more unique…

DuckDuckGo result for ‘dstraussing’



BTW looks like (edit: apparently not) any thread title that has a question mark at the end adds an option to mark posts as “solution”. Any way to disable that for a thread that doesn’t need a solution?

Maybe if we try hard enough and make this go viral in social media, Merriam Webster will add it to the English dictionary?


I double checked and that’s not the case.

Time To Think Thick? - Technology / Platform Advancements - TabletPCReview Forum

It’s only if you use a tag associated with the QnA plugin in the admin settings, like the tag #Question.

Hmm… so what activated it for this thread? Every post here shows the option to mark as Solution. Maybe only the thread starter sees it?


Ah… this setting under the site feedback category did it.

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Here’s the much more appropriate Google search result for “destraussing”

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Yes, they use Bing. As do Ecosia.

Both are a bit dishonest in that they tout themselves as if they are independent search engines, but they really aren’t.


And we’re on Google. It will probably take a couple weeks for us to get fully indexed, but we are now starting to get integrated into their search engine.


Random note, (a) I guess the asterisk is only visible to mods, indicating “check this thread out”, and (b) Hey discourse, that’s not how you spell “reviewed”.


Edit: I fixed the tooltip text, love how easy it is to customize this entire forum :+1:t2:


I gotta start being more active here.

So I recently got a new job…that the past decade of being in our little tablet pc community has more or less groomed me for in a weirdly perfect way. Its kind of like Tech/Product Support for sales, but with a focus on a specific brand that for now will remain nameless. Love the job, but I haven’t worked a steady 9-6 in a good while, and I am not a morning person. Once I get more adjusted to my new sleep patterns, I’ll try and be more active on our new board.


Congratulations! And thank you for our new favorite game, “Guess darkmagistric’s brand”. :yum: