Two Cell Phone Life

Started a new job that came with a work phone (Samsung S20)

Anyone else rocking two phones at all times? Any coping mechanisms? Cases?

Unfortunately, my kit now includes this S20 along with the Fold 3.

That’s lot of Android redundancy and weight. So now I’m rethinking…

Do I ditch the Fold3? Maybe get an iPhone to be in the walled garden of iMessage?
If only the S20 had S-pen capability…

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Are you restricted on the workphone to work related stuff? If not dump the personal phone altogether.


Yes work phone is strictly for work, has all sorts of security added (i.e. can’t be plugged into a PC or downloaded) and can be repossessed at any time.

I have three phones, one old iphone to use bank and other financial related apps, one for work and one for playing / app tinkering.

I’m probably one of the people who don’t let go of their older phone even if upgraded to a newer phone (can’t trade in because I buy used flagship and by the time I’m done with them, the phone would be over 5 years old).

What’s your strategy for carrying all three? Do you have cases? Do they slide in all your pockets?

Do you employ different ring tones or notification sounds to differentiate?

I use a small backpack, at work I have the work phone in my pocket and leave the two other either in the packback or charged on my desk. After work hours I have the personal " playing phone" in my pocket and the two other in my backpack. The “bank phone” only has a 4g sim without any calling capability ( or no sim and I only tether to it when needed) and is only taken out when I want to pay for anything cashless.

That backpack also fit my tablet and wallet, so it is not redundant.