How many and what devices do you use on a regular basis?

So a few basic ground rules.

  1. They should be computing related devices- or at least computing adjacent (such as a kindle)
  2. I’m defining regular as at least once a week.
  3. They can and should include work related/provided devices.
  4. I might start a “what’s in your tech closet” thread at some point as least in my case that will be a very lengthy list.


Surface Pro 8- work provided and primary work system

Kobo Elipsa- also work provided, almost 100% used for documentation review which is a daily task for me. Though I have read a few regular books on it too.

Samsung S22 Ultra- my work phone.

iPad Pro 11 2018 with keyboard folio- my primary general web surfing device, ereader, occasional Apple Arcade games. I **definitely ** would upgrade if/when Apple brings the mini led display tech to the 11 inch size

iPhone 13 Pro- my off work phone and in the last year or so my primary camera as well, though I have a Nikon DSLR kit which seems to get less and less use as the smartphones cameras have continued to rapidly improve.

Mac Studio as my “home system”- the base model and used with a 27 inch LG Ultra 4k Ultra Fine display. Replaced an iMac 27 inch bought in late 2018 and when I made the switch away from Windows for personal use.

Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation- my primary “I just want to relax and read a book” device- The new 11th gen is tempting me because of the improved and bigger display

Tangerine iMac- running classic Mac OS 8.5. Was a closet device until the pandemic when my daughter found it and restored it to a spot in our living room to run a bunch of classic Mac games including Myst and Pajama Sam. My daughter still doesn’t believe her dad would have bought something so “cute” to use as his computer.

5th gen iPad -mini - the shared family device that all pick up for various uses when they want to do something quick and don’t want to grab or go to their primary devices.

So… you ???


I use a Samsung Galaxy Book 12 (rolled back to 1703) as my main machine.

Have a Galaxy Note 10+ (should have held out for 5G) as a cell phone.

That’s pretty much it except for special activities:

  • an Intel MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar for work — if I didn’t need to do remote work, wouldn’t miss it.
  • a Nintendo Switch for gaming (mostly Diablo 3, though I’m lookin forward to Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and really should find time to play Ring Fit Adventure, and would give my interest in ■■■■ for a motion-controlled RPG w/ a control scheme like to RFA or better still Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but w/ walking/running for motion and better archery)
  • a Raspberry Pi 4 in a Raspad 3 tablet case which I use to control a CNC machine — I suppose I will set up my old Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10 for similar work when I get another machine

I’ve dabbled with various iterations of the Pi for work related purposes but I keep telling myself I should buy one to tinker with at home and do things like you describe as well as home automation stuff.

This sounds like a dare, but here goes:

MacBook Pro 14 (16gb/1tb) My work and home computer. The conversion (escape) from Windows is complete, as the SP8 awaits a willing buyer. I use it at work with two 32" 4k Samsung monitors (bargains at $325 each - thank you Best Buy).

M1 iPad Pro 11(512gb) This is my note taker, as well as most things recreational (web surfing, reading, videos/streaming, board games). This one may be for the long haul, unless Apple relents and allows dual booting with MacOS (I’m also waiting for the sun to rise in the west). If the sun were to peak out my west morning window, it will be replaced with the highest spec 5g M2 iPad Pro 11 with Magic Keyboard, and both the current iPP11 and MBP14 will be retired.

iPhone 13 Pro (256gb) The do everything device - mostly camera, texts, email triage, web surfer, FaceTime, and oh yeah, occassional phone calls. It’s also my mobile hotspot for the Watch, iPad and MBP14 - great automatic connection without any intervention on my part. I can’t overstate how much it is my primary camera - my Lumix FZ300 is gathering a lot of dust - so much so that I’m already accumulating coins for the 15 (with periscope zoom).

Apple Watch 7 I consider this as much a part of my tech gear as any of the others - critical in triaging calls/messages, as well as monitoring heart rate and being my workout companion.


The limitation of regular use being at least once a week makes it simple. That eliminates my SG2, GB12, and even the Kindle.

Surface Laptop Studio — my desktop replacement. It’s an i7 with 16GB RAM 2TB SSD RTX 3050 ti and thus fully capable of running the games I like to play and with a screen large enough for occasional game modding with developer tools (e.g. Bethesda Softworks Creation Kit, TES5Edit, Wrye Bash, etc.). The easy conversion to tablet makes it an ideal artistic doodling platform. Since I’m retired, I don’t do much in the way of serious computer work anymore, aside from taxes and such.

iPad mini 6 — for most of my visual content consumption (videos, reading ebooks), browsing, and couch doodling. Photo editing. Will be my outdoors note taking device as a National Park volunteer this year (the iPad mini 5 did well last year).

iPhone 13 Pro — does all the usual smartphone functions and supplies the hotspot for everything else. The only camera I use and it’s sufficient. A belt clip keeps it handy on hikes and outdoors volunteer duties. For all audio consumption (music, podcasts, audiobooks).

Apple Watch 6 SE Nike version — health & fitness monitoring, easy notifications while on the go, simple text and email responding (dictation works surprisingly well), driving navigation (haptics reminders of next turn is great), … etc., etc. and a growing etc. Heck, it’s even my cooking timer. This thing is becoming indispensable.

That’s it.


Thanks for the reminder - my iPhone 13 Pro is also my universal hotspot and great that all my devices can use it automatically without any intervention by me.

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Nice, I like these kinds of threads. Let me dig through my post on Share your tablet history - if you dare! For now I use 7 devices regularly and 1 semi-regularly, but I may drop the X1Y3 soon.

Surface Laptop Studio – i5 16GB 2TB, my main machine for work and play

X1 Yoga 3rd gen with eGPU – relegated to just VR gaming until I move that to the SLS

Galaxy Book 2 – Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max. The OLED is just so good

iPad Pro 10.5 – Mostly for casual reading and music recording

Kindle Paperwhite 2021 – for distraction-free outdoor reading of books.

iPhone 12 mini – All the phone stuff, taking pictures, and tbh too much TPCR browsing

Apple Watch 5 – Setting Siri reminders, tracking workouts, checking the weather and (gasp) the time

Sony DPT-RP1 – Borderline shouldn’t be on this list, haven’t been using it as much. Great for outdoor PDF reading and markup though.

  • Lenovo Gaming 3 laptop + Tab S7 FE Super Display combo: main rig for art, personal projects and play. Doesn’t leave the house, I mainly use it on weekends.

  • Samsung Note 10 5g : work phone

  • iphone SE: bank phone. Has all the financial related app and nothing else (use cheap data sim or tethering).

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8: After note 10 upgrade became my play and doddle phone. Android tinkering, trying out apps etc all happen on this phone. (I know, keep too many phones, but the Note 8 still perform great for its age :joy:)

  • Samsung Galaxy tab note 10.1 2014: carry to work sometimes as a bigger doodle board / occasionally as an extra Super Display screen for my work computer. ( the company provided screen was a crappy old 1366x768 screen that is super cramped, and they refuse to replace it because ‘it still works’ :upside_down_face:)

  • iPad 2018 with Apple Pencil: playing and consume media on bed, occasional drawing on couch/ at cafe shop.

  • Asus Vivo tab note 8 with keyboard case: carry to work some time when I need an extra Windows computer ( my work desk is quite cramped and is without extra power plug, so having a compact PC that can be charged with a phone charger is very handy). Also a handy back up pc to bring on vacation trips.

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D’oh! And I somehow forgot it’s my camera. Edited in. :blush:

Yeah, the hotspot auto-connects to the watch and iPad without intervention, as easy as if each had their own cellular plan. The SLS and other Windows devices are more trouble.

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Daily use:

Surface Go2

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Far less use:

Boox Nova 3 Color


I really do admire (and envy) your discipline and simplicity in your practice - it is genius!


Daily Use (Home Office)

  • ASRock X300w (Ryzen 5 5600G | 16GB RAM | 256GB SSD)
    * Mini desktop (STX) attached to my 38" Ultrawide
  • Surface Pro 8 (i7 | 16GB RAM | 256GB SSD)
    * Notetaking and moving around to other seating
  • Galaxy Fold 3 (12GB | 256 GB)
    * My consumption foldable
  • Surface DUO 2 (8GB | 256 GB)
    * eBooks and notetaking, also use when away from the desk

Daily Use (In Office)

  • Surface Pro 8 becomes the driver
  • Surface Pro X - notetaking, LTE while out
  • Phones are the same

Well done @Desertlap , was just thinking of creating a thread like this just two days ago against the backdrop of the #device solution quest that has been running for long in these forums.
Now let’s see, regular basis?

  1. Surface Pro 8 (i5/16/256/LTE). A beauty of a convertible. Great tnx to @Hifihedgehog. replaced the SG 2 & 3 (handed down to daughter and sold respectively) as my mobile pc. Doubles as my work and personal PC too since I couldn’t be bothered to ask my Uni for a work PC and have them always coming around to take inventory.

  2. SB 2 (i7/16/512 Dgpu) my home PC for Zoom lessons, and gaming machine for the only game I play, efootball. Never leaves home.

  3. Galaxy ZFold 3 - my main phone. Has my main SIM in it.

  4. SDuo 1 - my secondary phone. Used for reading PDFs, forums and everything else. Infact gets as much use as the ZF3.

  5. Oppo watch (wear OS) - great smartwatch, only as useful as Google’s wearable platform. My wearable of choice when off to work 'cos it allows me read and respond to messages without the phone. Connected to the ZF3.

  6. Huawei band 6 pro - my fitness gear for sleep tracking, heart rate, sp02 etc. Best for casual stroll outside.

Each of these get a good use on a “regular basis”


Very cool and BTW we hear that Oppo is working on a successor to that watch, assuming google can get it’s act together on an OS to run on it

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Great! Have had it for almost 2 Yrs now. in terms of aesthetics, it can hold its own against any of the major players.

Are there any smart watches that are waterproof? To 100’?


Apple watch comes closest from what we’ve seen.

BTW: Waterproof/water resistance ratings and actual use with watches are an even bigger mess than with Smartphones. :frowning:

EDIT: And this looks pretty slick albeit a hybrid and not conventional smartwatch, but it does hit the 100m water resistance criteria

Withings’ ScanWatch Horizon will finally arrive in the US on May 17th | Engadget

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Cool thread! Here are the devices that I use regularly.

Surface Pro 8: For work and tablet tasks, and mobile movie projection. I will be retiring its eGPU since the Steam Deck and arcade/gaming PC fulfill my gaming needs better.

iPhone 12 Pro Max: Smartphone stuff, and it also does remarkably well for remote work and performing most simple tasks.

HTPC and Media Server SFF PC: Currently rocking a Ryzen 7 5700G. Has over 100TB of data storage. Running Windows 10 Pro, with Plex Media Server for streaming duties and Kodi DSPlayer 17.6 + MadVR for cinema duties. Has a built IR receiver that accepts standard IR signals and can power it on from a complete shutdown state.

Custom arcade and gaming PC: Desktop in signature. See video. For fun and games. :slight_smile:

Steam Deck: Double ditto. Also for fun and games. :slight_smile:


Finally got a minute to sit and think and type this out. Weekly use kind of depends on which weeks you look at as I rotate things often as my ADHD drives me on. Here are things that saw weekly use over the past few months:

Surfacebook was recently ressurected and put back in its stand on my desk. I didn’t “need” to use it, but I have it, and I wanted the big screen that I can pull off easily back. The base is always docked, I sometimes take the “clipboard” off to use as a tablet. I have a matte screen protector I keep meaning to put on it. I think I’d like it better with less glare, but 15" is intimidating for a screen protector

Surface Pro X: also just recently came out of hibernation because it has the SIM in it and I was going somewhere where I wanted reliable internet without tethering. Then I remembered how amazingly thin it is and I’ve been using it around the house more often too

Galaxy Tab S7+: still my main carry to teaching and what I’m typing on now. Still my preferred tablet. I alternate between Dex and plain old android. Could be my primary machine, but my ADHD gets the better of me

Fold 3: phone, sometimes desktop when plugged into the dex station, primary reading device

Boox Max Lumi: score reader and sometimes giant onenote notebook, but this one will probably not see much use in the coming months as I just finished my last concert for a while. It may get some use as sit in the backyard season rolls in, or I may pull the trigger on a nova air c since I gave the nova color to my oldest

Galaxybook 10.6 has seen more use in the past few weeks also as I really like the 10" size for reading, but then I remember how slow it is with windows and I put it back and get the S7+ out.


I’d barely call Withings’ watches smartwatches. They’re health trackers in watch form.

Very stylish ones that can compete looks wise with classic timepieces. I do question the use of the ECG measurements; if they are accurate (likely why the likes of Garmin have avoided them) or even that useful (ECG measurements tend to be around the same unless something is very wrong).