[SOLD] Give Away - For Shipping Cost

This may get deleted quickly as I’m breaking the posting rules because it’s not really a “sale.”

I picked up three new OEM Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 cases, with Fold Pens, off Woot for an unbelievable $9 each. Assumed someone here could use these. If you are a Fold 3 owner, or even Fold 4, PM me and I’ll ship for postage cost.

UPDATE - the case DOES NOT FIT the Fold 4, but pen works with those.


You da man. Also in 4 1 if they are still around?

Me please.

Have two left @violajack - do you need them both?

@jeffreymabq - Send address for mailing

Just one

Love this. And, it is such a great way to get rid of useful stuff that would othewise clutter your desk drawer.

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You don’t want one for your Fold 5 in August?

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Got mine. Thanks again Sir.