Samsung Galaxy S24

Cant wait to see how its technically true but practically a lie.

They will offer me $50 for my Note 10 on trade it. So much for “up to” $900 for trade in.

Still clinging on my Note 10 and Note 20 (yes, i keep two phones, one for important financial stuff and one for playing). Would probably also had my Note 8 if i didn’t drop it into the ocean during a vacation. These thing last a long time if you don’t mind the mediocre battery life.
I usually wait 2-3 year after the release date of a note phone before picking up an used one for 1/4 of the original price. Maybe what i bought were what you guys traded in.

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Had my note 10 from new and Im having a hard time giving it up. I like the size better than the larger S2xU. Battery life is still okay.

Yeah, battery is mediocre but not terrible. Can last 8 hours work day if i only use it for call and work related task. Having 2 phones helps, though.

I agree the note 10 is so amazingly compact. I also love my note 20 for being big and flat, too. Literally the last s-pen phone with a flat screen.

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I’m using a Note 20 Ultra 5G (yeah, silly name) and am starting to miss my Fold, despite the pen.

Yes, as I got it used the battery was already worn, but it has a Exynos SoC, so battery life is only just good enough now.

The there’s the curved edges, infernal things. Not even somewhat useful like the Note Edge’s one. And because the display is so big, I already have a number of stratches on it. So much for the great Gorilla Glass.

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Trade in should never be considered a “sale”, considering the just 1-2 year old devices you guy turned in for “best trade in value” will be flipped for 1.2-1.5x of that trade in value oversea (or ebay)

Well, they’re certainly pushing the flat screen. Funny that, how you can be the cause of a change, then trump changing back from it as a feature. Still welcome.

The MP count is getting stupid. The 3x and 5x dedicated cameras may entice some here…

I’m pretty interested in this phone, but kind of want to see how intrusive people are finding the AI features in med-long term. Plus I want to wait for some better discounts. If AI is too intrusive, I might go in for a hopefully heavily discounted S23U.

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Yeah, I’m not prepared to drop a grand on one sight unseen. And I’m very eager to get back to a foldable.

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I’m still not certain foldables are for me. Maybe if they were more like the Duo, but even then, I don’t think my use case really fits them well. I just want one 7 inch screen, preferable with a 16:9 aspect ratio instead of these super skinny phones we’re getting these days.

I always thought that foldables would eat into their tablet market, shows how much I know. After having the Tab, I don’t ever use my s-pen on my S23 anymore. I might just opt to get a smaller galaxy without a stylus, or even a non-samsung phone next.

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That’s where I’m at as well. As much as I can appreciate the engineering in the current foldables, they still feel ultimately like a solution in search of a problem.

And I think it’s down to software eg. we need a genuine innovation akin to going from the command line to the GUI. Perhaps AI might help here?

I think the basic “problem” they’re trying to solve is phone screens are still tiny, unless they’re not very pocketable. Larger screens usually equals more productivity, or better enjoyment of entertainment. That being said, since foldables also change the aspect ratio of what we’re consuming, the entertainment side is often not actually solved, as anyone watching videos, etc, are just getting black bars on their larger screen. Productivity is where I think foldables can really shine, if the software is designed right.

This is where I think the Duo was way ahead of the competition, but also, much like many of Windows best ideas, they didn’t know how to market it and the public at large didn’t really see the benefit of it. Also, the software wasn’t quite ready for what they were trying to do.

As far as AI helping, I don’t really see AI as being able to design creative new solutions. It might scour its large database and find an amalgamation of ideas people have already had for improvement I suppose. And if AI comes up with the same solution MS had for the Duo, but Apple markets it, people will suddenly be all over it.

Not on it’s own per se, but with human help eg. AI could be used to detect the “usage state” of the device at the moment and optimize the OS and apps to correspond.

Think Windows 11 primitive switch between tablet and desktop modes dependent of if a keyboard and mouse are attached, on steroids…

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That I could have Pokémon GO, Pikmin Bloom, and Ingress all up and running at the same time was pretty great.

For various reasons, I’m not using a foldable at the moment. But if Samsung can make the Fold 6 a significant update and include a silo (3.5mm socket and microSD are pipe deeams, let alone a removeable battery), then I might well jump on it.

I’m using a Galaxy Tab Active 3 for work now. It’s pretty good apart from the battery life. Saved my fingers from frostnip though.

Marques Brownlee did a video

Not much bang for my Buck. Still, this Note 10 owes me nothing and still has day long battery.

I’ve been using an S24 Ultra for little over a week and a half and had to report some anecdotes:

  • They seem to have fixed the Spen failing to connect for Air Actions, which is very awesome. It used to be a daily thing on my S23 Ultra, to the point that I started strategizing with the “Keep S-pen connected” option. Now that option seems to be a sort of superfluous relic.

  • Lots of subtle redesigns that most people wouldn’t quite notice or appreciate. I think the Spen is just a tad thicker; it just feels great overall and I even love how the top of it is a flat matte plastic now instead of curved and glossy.

  • Gorilla Glass Armor is what I thought I was getting with Victus+ on the S23U. The microscratches were no big deal on the previous phone and not noticeable, but the oleophobic coating seems a lot better here, not to mention the glare reduction is huge if you’re really into Clip Studio on the go. The screen seems better calibrated too, for all the praise the S23 U seemed to be getting last year. IDK, it feels like it at least has parity with my Tab S9+ now, if not better.