End of the Line for Galaxy Notes?

It’s the end of Samsung’s Galaxy Note as we know it - The Verge

But then again, not really gone as long as there’s still an SPen silo?


Sometimes, reanimation doesn’t turn out as planned. See e.g. Pet Semetary, Frankenstein, et. al.


As much as I am fascinated by the fold, the S22 Ultra will likely be my next phone. It upgrades me to 5G but maintains 100% of my current phone/note functionality. Most of all, the pen is where it belongs.


Until the Fold 4 includes a silo…

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The very minute! :pray:

I don’t think I could justify getting a Fold with a Stylus. Not at that cost and size anyway.
I have a Tab that was almost 1/4 of the price with at least 3 times the screen real estate. And I could prop it up with it’s back stand. The Note and Ultra S21 at least can be drawn hand held. The fold feels very uncomfortable to draw on in your hand. It feels like it needs to be set flat on a table.

Not that the rising prices are that far off anymore.

I could be SO tempted by a Fold-like device where the hinge/spine ran along the shorter center line.

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Be careful when choosing your philosophers…:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

not really end of the line when it gets a new name with a familiar face.

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Agreed - the S22 Ultra looks like a modernized (rounded) Note to me…

Galaxy S22 Ultra fans: Just got an email from AT&T that they are giving an $800 credit on a three year contract for almost any trade-in; seems Verizon wants to top that with a $1000 credit whether or not you trade in is working (gotta love a three year contract though).

I’m sitting here imagining the S22U with Windows Phone OS that had been evolved instead of killed off ~7 years ago. I want to slide over to that timeline! Sigh.


Different strokes for different folks and all that.

I use a Fold as I want a small tablet that I can always have with me. I can go, say, clubbing (those days are waning, mind) and not have to worry about having a big bag with a tablet in. Or just on the spot open it up and have a nice big screen. Sponteneity is an often overlooked variable.

That said, I’m also, unfortunately for my wallet/card, on the tablet bandwagon too. And laptop one.

So very envious of the great deals you lot get.

Sat here not willing to upgrade as they ultimately want full price if you don’t want to upgrade (and thus enter another contract with them) towards the end of your contract. A $200ish equivalent discount isn’t enticing enough.

I just got notice of a $700 trade in credit on the S22 Ultra from Verizon. I don’t see the $1,000 deal.

With Samsung updating Android for three years, I can live with a 3 year contract. I’ll probably wind up keeping this Note 10 for three full years. My next upgrade will be 2023 year. Hopefully, the S23 will have a silo. Even better, the Fold5 will finally get one.

My phone is sporting Android 12 and still does everything I need it to. There is no reason to trade it in ATM.

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@Bronsky - Excellent - by 2023 you may even have a Fold-i-Phone to consider… :rofl:…but I bet if this summer’s Fold 4 has a silo you’ll be sorely tempted…

I doubt Samsung will change the general form factor, but from my aborted attempt it would be a much better device if it were 1/2" shorter and 1/4"-3/8" wider to accommodate that S pen silo and let you draw on the front screen without having to open the device every tiem.

Rough estimate looks like the S22 Ultra is a 20:9 screen ratio? No temptation for me there.

Not an apple fanboi, but iFold would be an amazing product name.

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It would mark the day that I fold and finally agree to pay more than $1000 for a phone :+1:t2: