Samsung to introduce first OLED/Touchscreen laptops next week

Oh yes!. I always loved that design!

Getting the thread back on topic. We hear that Samsung will be making the official announcement on multiple models? of this at the same time as the official announcement of the s23 phones February 1

and it looks like it’s going to be getting a 3K display according to ARS which makes sense given the aspect ratio

Samsung’s new touch tech enables thinner, lighter OLED laptops | Ars Technica

more leaks and rumors on these new systems

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra: Everything we know so far | Laptop Mag

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Interesting idea, tried it out. I noticed that my Surface Go (with type cover) is much better to hold that way compared to my 14" laptop because of the raised keyboard (so you have something to hold onto near the hinge, some kind of hand strap could also work). The 3:2 screen is also nice to have (maybe 16:10 is good enough, 16:9 is too limited in portrait).
Might work with the Surface Laptop to make up for the lack of 360° hinge.

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