Samsung Galaxy Book Ultra 2023 edition

I’m looking forward to actually testing one of these when they are officially available. it’s gotten comical now with the tech blogs recycling the various iPhone/iPad/MacBook Pro “killer” appellation. :frowning:

For example the 400 nits brightness of the Samsung isn’t even in the same league as the ~1200 of the miniLED of the 14 inch and 16 inch Macbook Pros so those “pros” who work with HDR content are going to continue to use either the MBPros or HP DreamColor devices.

And I’m curious if they have made headway on what IMHO is one of the more limiting factors of OLED for comp work which is color drift. To Samsungs credit, it has gotten significantly with each generation of OLED, but for example even I can notice it on my S22 Ultra or the Tab S8 Plus/Max.

OTOH not all and likely most don’t need the level of color accuracy the miniLED or DreamColor displays provide for their everyday work.

Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra: A Fresh Rival for the MacBook Pro | PCMag

PS: the single most interesting part of the Samsung event for me was the announcement that the S23 was the “overclocked” custom variant of the SnapDragon 8 Gen 2 “Galaxy Edition”. Samsung has tried overclocking in their devices before with at best, mixed results though they seem to have Qualcomm’s official blessing this time around.

And at least so far, the new 200MP sensor looks to be a small incremental improvement over the 100MP sensor in the S22 Ultra. Based on the samples we’ve seen so far it brings it back to rough overall parity with the iPhone 14 pro and Pixel 7 Pro IMHO.


The title of the article says it all “A Fresh Rival for the MacBook Pro” It’s kind of like watching sports shows touting the next replacement for Unitas, Starr, Staubach, Bradshaw, Montana, Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, etc…doesn’t matter who this new rival is, you ALWAYS know which one is the GOAT…

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No touch, no s-pen, can’t be folded flat. What a disappointment.

Given that it doesn’t have the walled garden smoothness or better display, it had nothing over the MacBook Pro. (It used to have pen and touch which is a make or break for user choosing between them). I consider this a downgrade.


Isn’t that what the Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 is for?

As the name suggests, the Book3 Pro 360 is the convertible option in the family. That means its flexible hinges can rotate the keyboard back behind the display, and as such it’s the only one with a touch screen. The 16-inch panel (no smaller option here) otherwise features the same display technology, but with touch capability and stylus compatibility. The S Pen is included, and can magnetically hang onto a strip on the lid.

Agree it’s a shame that the higher-trim Ultra model doesn’t have a version w/ these features.

Holding out for Samsung making a dual-screen unit like to the Lenovo Yogabook 9i.

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We heard rumors at CES that this is coming. Likely announced with the Fold 5


Sounds like you’re talking about a MacBook Pro - in fact, I’m sure Samsung would love you to buy the Ultra, a Tab (or two), and a S23 or Fold 5…


100% agree. The only reason I would go back to Windows is for touch/ s-pen. While the file system on my Mac is the worst of the worst, it chugs along great and doesn’t ever crash and issues are very minimal. If I’m going back to Windows, I want it to have all the things Mac doesn’t.

Personally, I hate how we’re starting to see movement back towards 15-16" devices being necessary to get good laptops.

The ‘regular’ 14" Book 360 has a 1080p 16:9 screen. You need to get the 16" Pro 360 to get the more usable 16:10 screen. It’s not just Samsung either, this seems to be the trend through a lot of manufacturers that they’re putting their resources towards larger devices.

I get that there’s thermal constraints and it’s easier to make a powerful larger device, but I’m still not a fan of it. (And it’s not like I’m expecting a discrete GPU or a gaming laptop at 13" either.)


Alienware have a 11in & 13in gaming laptop. If we stopped caring about super thin, we could have kind of thin device with good power & a mid-level gpu not from Intel in a 12-13in device.

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I think that’s another case of the “tyranny of the masses”. In other words what we get is based on what the Oems believe sells the best to consumers. That combined with mass production factors eg. a 13.3 inch 3:2 or even 16:10 display has an almost 40% higher raw cost, over a 16:9 at least in our supply chain

Plus with a couple of notable exceptions such as Dell’s Precision line or Lenovo’s higher end ThinkPads, the product line offerings are driven almost completely by what they believe/perceive the consumer market wants. eg. our Best Buy contacts have told us that a very common reason for Surface Laptop returns has been the “black bars” on the screen when watching video.


I hate this reaction from the consumer market - black bars - arghhhhhh.

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Oof, the Ultra has no mention of an S-Pen. Hard pass for me.

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The complaint goes waaaay back. I think I first heard it in the ‘60s.

Ah i missed that introduction part. If That Pro 3 360 had higher than 1080p resolution and better aspec ratio then it would be a solid upgrades ( Samsung had been refusing to use higher res screen on their Wacom enabled Windows device since after the Galaxy Book 12)

And I would have expected pen and touch on the “ultra” top end of the Galaxy Book line. Hopefully reviewers will give more attention to the 360 instead of this crippled “Ultra” device.

The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 is supposed to have a

16-inch 3K (2,880 x 1,880 pixels) 120Hz AMOLED touchscreen


which is ~215ppi, which is pretty much the same as the GB12.

Yeah, that’s much better than the previous book 360 1080p 15" (?). Samsung Galaxy book 12" was the highest res EMR Windows device from Samsung, and after it Samsung was stuck with 1080p 16:9 until now.

Also, I find 3k very suitable for this size ( In fact I’m ok with just 2k. 1080p is way too outdated for a flagship laptop in 2022.

I’m so confused by this thread. Why is everyone b*tching about this laptop, instead of being excited about the new Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360? Here we have a gorgeous huge 16", 16:10, amoled, emr, 3k, 120 hz screen. And no one says a thing here. ??? Plus, lots more ports! Old school usb-a + hdmi + 2 thunderbolt 4 usb-c.

This seems a very clear upgrade. I feel like y’all are just in a mood to complain, honestly… :slight_smile:


Seems like that device needs its own thread, if it doesn’t have one already! Meanwhile I’m moving this thread into the brand new Windows > Laptops category.

Because the “Galaxy Book” branding where 80-90% devices of the line is Wacom penabled, and it was started by a penabled Windows device?

Also the Galaxy book Ultra was hyped /marketed for a good while and everyone was excited for the top of the line spec with s-pen given the track record of the Galaxy Book line. So I think it’s ok to be disappointed.

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I’m not fully up to date on Samsung’s latest products, but apparently they were rumored to introduce five devices:

Galaxy Book 3
Galaxy Book 3 360
Galaxy Book 3 Pro
Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360
Galaxy Book 3 Ultra

So I guess the disappointment is that specifically the top-of-the-line model (the Ultra) is not touch+pen? Still a nice set of devices it seems at first glance.