First picture (a mock up technically) of new Tab S8 Ultra

rumored 14-15 ~ inch display, up to 16GB RAM and Snapdragon and new 8cx gen 1 chip.

And we 100% believe the rumors are real. Although it is going to be quite expensive :frowning:

Samsung leaks new notched tablet on its own website - The Verge

PS: I continue to find it quite funny that Samsung first mocks, the copies things that Apple does, I.E the notches in the newest MB Pros


Except the classic mockery ad with NFC and Apple fans camped in a queue outside Apple stores for days and days. :smile_cat:


sort of Arm (though let’s be honest, mobile devices are heading that way)

Samsung every so often make some absolute, almost perfect corkers in their ‘throw ■■■■ do the wall and see what sticks’ strategy. But then they almost never iterate those products for several generations.

They had some great Windows tablets. They have some great Android tablets (but decided to give up on half the range). And I’m sure they can profitably keep both going and have crazy new products.

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Samsung is the one company that could have given Microsoft a run for its money in the tablet/detachable design. Is this new Tab S8 Ultra a 16:9 aspect ratio?

16:10 from what we’ve heard. Pretty much SOP for Samsung Tablets for the last couple of years

That horrible notch effectively turn the drawing surface to 16:9 or worse if Art App developers don’t design around it.

And considering this going to be a luxury device with limited production number, I have a feeling that not many small developers will bother…

I think this may be my next tablet. Our NotePro 12" sees a lot of use still for yoga videos, movies while crafting in the kitchen and light surfing but its SLOW as mollasses now, like literally wait 5 seconds between every tap and swipe.
I would love a new premium android device with pen, and have been waiting for them to upgrade the Tab S7+ for a while now (though that device has been tempting to me too, I just wish it would come down in price)
I’m gonna guess that this thing will launch at $1600 CAD though… :smiling_face_with_tear:

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@Stoneseeker If Samsung follows typical form, we should get a look within a couple of days after they formally announce it and if I can post more, I will

OTOH their lead engineer seems really pumped about it, and has multiple times commented that “the screen is to die for…”


More and better renders of the new Tab S8
Here’s our best look yet at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8’s design | Android Central


I would expect its USD price to probably be in the $1000+ range. $999 for the base model if we’re lucky.

@darkmagistric we’ve heard $1299 as the base price for the 14.5 inch


Been looking for something in the 15-inch range to ack as a Makeshift Cintiq/Monitor and thus far 3 contenders at the 15.6 inch size

Cintiq 16 Pro 2021 - $1499.99 - Pro Pen 2 & Express Keys
Tab S8 15-inch - $1299.99(?) - S-Pen EMR - No Express Keys, but Standalone tablet & superdisplay
Asus ProArt PA169CDV - $799.99(?)- S-Pen EMR - Express Key Wheel

The Asus is looking more and more attractive by the day.


Could you put a word into them to not mess up the rest of the device? A great screen does mean much if it’s attached to something as compromised as Samsung’s latest products.

  • 3.5mm port
  • mSD card slot
  • no notch
  • stylus silo

And preferably not 16:9.

None should be too much to ask for at the prices they’re charging.

@Tams we tell what our customers want. to varying degrees of success, more on the software side than hardware.

Of your list, the only likely thing is a MicroSD slot.

Screen aspect ratio will be 16:10
No headphone jack
Will have a notch (though smaller than on the MB pros)
No stylus silo. It will attach magnetically to the back like the S7 and S7FE

It will gain the super low latency pen that will also accompany the Galaxy S22 Ultra
It will have a 5G option.

So all above are rumors and should not be taken as fact. But we think they are highly likely

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Oh, I know that.

But it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. In fact, I just had to use a headphone jack today and didn’t have an adapter with me so had to use my tablet.

I kind of just had to say I’ve been fantasizing about jumping to the TS8U as my daily driver for a while now, but I just have my doubts that it will pan out for me. I can’t get into every detail but I just have iPad Pro fatigue at this point after using it exclusively for about 2 years. I’m actually getting very tired of the Apple Pencil among other things.

I probably need to get back to Windows by the end of this year, I don’t know. The main thing I need to see is if Apple is going to refresh the Pencil when the iPP 6 comes out, or if the whole setup is literally identical to the iPP 5 in every way besides having a MagSafe added to the back and the M2. If it’s the latter then I think I’m out, and will be with either Samsung or a Windows OEM.

Offhand, I think it needs something better than BT 4.1 — either a new, strong proprietary signal with faster and better tilt recognition that isn’t as easily interfered with by other BT peripherals, or just the latest version of BT. The screw-on nib has also got to go.

Also, I imagine I’m in the minority on this, but I think it needs to become a Slim Pencil (carpenter style), but I won’t hold my breath on that. I feel the oblong shape is easier to hold, shade with, etc. I’d be truly ecstatic if they did that. Anyways, /rant.

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I’d take a carpenter pencil.
I just want something with a little more substance in a stylus. Preferably something that resembles an Intuos Pen. However Samsung (and all of tech) seem to be heavily skewing form over function.

Haaa, check out this feature that was just revealed. The picture says it all:

Honestly does make me weep a little. Apparently you can only do it when you pair it with the most expensive S22 phone.

I was crumbling on the inside just thinking about the cost of the 256gb 5G version after buying the keyboard/stand accessory, which I’m thinking would be $1700-ish. I hope there will be some cheap smart folio-esque options in short order.

I wanted the 5G version basically because I move around a lot and decided long ago I was done paying for an ISP at any one apartment I live in and just go with a phone carrier’s unlimited data plans.


Looks great, but I’m saddened that it’s a confirmed death of the note phone with silo.

The cost of using an S-Pen with a phone had increased so much over the time. Back then you can probably afford a note for around 700$+, but now the S-pen is only available for top of the line phone that cost 1200$+extra money for stylus and cases,
Not even a normal, non-ultra note for less than 1k for those who only need a pen and not all that power or bell and whistle. The mid-range note 10 lite seemed to be just an one time experiment.

It’s like Samsung is keeping the S-pen ransom so those who want S-Pen have to pay big money for the newest and greatest. Even being someone only buy 2-3 generation late phone, I could no longer justify the price, as anything with an S-Pen lose their market values very slowly, even slower than iPhone and iPad.


" The mid-range note 10 lite seemed to be just an one time experiment." @CrazyCat

At the time, the LTE Note 10 was a great compromise of size, price and speed. I have kept mine for two years and will keep it for another.

What I have been impressed with is the resiliency of the SPen silo. Only the note series phones and a couple of laptops have kept silos. Samsung’s efforts to eliminate the silo with the end of the Note series was met with enough market resistance to compel the production of the Ultra series. Otherwise, loyal users were willing to extend their ownership of their Note series phones. For the price of a silo in one model, Samsung keeps us happy. The absence of a siloed pen in the Fold is the only thing keeping me from taking the plunge.