Samsung Chromebook X - WHY NO WOA?

Take a look at this design render and tell me you wouldn’t snap one of these up (with a TRUE S-Pen in proper silo) if it had WOA:


Chromebook Xes are two be x86, so just install Windows…

Bet that is locked down - no way Google would be up for that, especially how sleek that Samsung looks…

Actually they’re using an ad image of the Galaxy Chromebook from a few years ago. It had an i5 10210U Comet Lake processor with ancient UHD 620 iGPU, alas. Had it come out a year later with Tiger Lake & an Xe 96eu iGPU it would have been a great Linux machine even now.

Few chromebooks can be wrangled so that Windows runs on them and it’s not easy. Linux, however, isn’t hard to put on them (dual booting).

Edit: ah, Windows install was possible for this chromebook. Such a shame it had the Comet Lake chip. Even then it would be tempting if the prices weren’t so stupid high for an old device. Such a nice design.

Edit2: Ebay has used ones for $350-$400. I bet the performance with a Windows install would rival current WOA devices. So there you go.

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