TCL Book X12 Go

So besides the IMHO overly long name, this looks to be an interesting mid range WOA option with the two standouts being TCL’s proprietary “paper” screen tech and a significantly lower projected price point. (in the US anyway)

We actually got an initial look at this last summer , but for whatever reason it’s only now nearing release. I suspect that it’s primarily down to the chip choice as it initially was targeted to have a 3rd gen Snapdragon 7 series chip, but looks actually to be shipping with an existing Gen 2.

We haven’t tested it yet, but I expect that we will as I know several customers that are likely to buy some.

The “paper” screen really is excellent in pen feel with very nuanced friction characterization. I’m not ready to call it the best I’ve used, but it’s certainly top tier.

Hands on: the TCL Book X12 Go is a stellar Windows tablet for budget users | TechRadar

PS: This is one of devices I’ve made mention of in other threads as “coming soon with a value price point”

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Interesting, WOA lives. Snapdragon 7c, 30Wh battery, single USB-C port, 4GB RAM on the base model, and based on that list: likely eMMC storage on the base model as well. Curious what the experience will be. The article mentions that the display was well-suited for stylus use, but skimming through it I didn’t actually see any mention of stylus support. Do we know if this supports one, and which type it is?

Still, good to have more lightweight windows tablets available, this one is supposedly 600g/1.32lbs, compared to e.g. 793g/1.75lbs for the 2018 Galaxy Book2 ARM tablet. That’s going to be a noticeable difference.

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TCL told us AES


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Back on topic, if this is going to be as cheap as it seems, it would be a great little note taker/travel tablet. Curious about the battery life with the 30Wh battery, a big reason why this device is so light of course.

I was curious to see how far WOA has come, so I compared to my trusty old Samsung Galaxy Book 12.

Nevermind, incorrect comparison. I’m sure the newer QC chips are super-duper now.

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I keep doing similar things. I got my Galaxy Book2 WOA tablet years ago for $500 (OK, that was a 50% discount over new) off eBay, and I have yet to see a semi-affordable Windows slate that offers OLED but with significantly improved performance, preferably with a 10-11” screen.

I must be the world’s nichest of niche users, because the industry refuses to make the device I want. Slate format, reasonably light-weight, long battery life, pen support, 10-11” OLED screen, and not pathetic performance. Added microSD slot would be a plus. And sub $1000 pricing. It’s still Wait and Hope™.

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Waiting for a WinPad are we???


So first off that comparison is with a 7 series Gen 1 versus the TCL having a Gen 2. That being said this is the first WOA device that ships with a Gen 2 that I’m aware of.

Snapdragon 7+ Gen 1 and Snapdragon 7 Gen 2 launch information revealed in new leak - News

It has been used in a Lenovo Chromebook Duet 13 and was found to be sizable jump (albeit tested under Chrome OS not WOA) over the lone shipping Snapdragon 7 series Chromebook the HP Chromebook X2 11 and Laptop Mag found the Gen 2 Lenovo to be a nice bump in performance.

Lenovo Duet 5 Chromebook review | Laptop Mag

PS: I still have my skepticism of most benchmarks, including the one you cited as well as some of the ones Laptop mag used, but…

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My mistake, I put the gen 2 into the search and didn’t notice that it came up with the gen 1. So nevermind.