Galaxy Book 3 Ultra

Kind of excited about the prospect of this new 2023 Samsung laptop if the leaks are to be believed.
But S-pen capabilities paired with 13th-gen i7, 15.6" screen, and potentially an RTX 4050 discrete GPU… all in a 4 to 4.5 lb package?
This might be the creator laptop I’ve been looking for…


According to:

2880 x 1800 pixel screens.

EDIT: that calculates out to a 212.26 ppi screen for the 16" model, 13.57" x 8.48", 8x5 aspect ratio.

14" model is 242.59 and 11.87" x 7.42"
15" model is 226.42 and 12.72" x 7.95"

but no silo

If Freehand runs, and it’s straight-forward to select text using the stylus, where do I send my money?


16" at 2880 x 1800 AMOLED ought to be a very pretty display. However…

I’m more interested in the durability of their screens, after that screen crack issue (debacle?) with their last iteration.

Windows 11 can blow, too. I think the idea of any sort of digital privacy and ownership of your own software and hardware went out the ‘window’ about half-way through the Windows 10 life cycle. I wouldn’t trust any new Microsoft product today. Heck, I’m not sure I trust any new computer hardware product today.

Friggin’ cars the government can kill switch…? No thanks.

I’ll definitely be buying used for my next machine. I can even see myself getting back into the hardware hacking game. There’s tons of Wacom enabled screens floating around in the Great Material Continuum.


Disappointing to see it’s another Intel device. I really want an AMD one, and if GPD can do it, then Samsung absolutely can.

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One possible positive w/ an Intel chip is the ability to install Linux — we’ll have to see.


So they switched to 16:10 aspect ratio, nice. Low weight is also nice. Fingers crossed for the port selection.

Yeah I do not like that too and is why I run Blokada on my phone to at least being able to partially block the datamining. For pc if you use only 1 network than you can use something like Pi-Hole (there are solutions for Windows) or use the Hosts File (not sure if it also blocks MS’s own telemetry).