Galaxy Book 3 Ultra?

Let’s hope Samsung would go above 1080p with s-pen for this “Ultra” Galaxy Book this time.


I was actually looking for a replacement for my Galaxy Book 12, and the requirements are:

  • screen size roughly the same
  • resolution at least equal to 2160 x 1440
  • Wacom EMR
  • possible to select text using a stylus w/ no side buttons and no double-clicking

The nice-to-have feature (which I gave up when I upgraded from my Fujitsu Stylistic ST-4110) is of course a daylight viewable display.

Everything will depend on what the “Ultra” stands for… if like the Tab S8 ultra or the Galaxy S22 Ultra they mean bigger with the latest processors and higher resolution screen (and whatever Samsung’s version of ProMotion is) then it could be a replacement for my zbook.
If it’s just another 1080p with a 12 inch screen then no thanks. Mind you, there are 4 models to be released so one of them could be the art unicorn I’m waiting for.