Robo & Kala

Unfortunately the device kept crashing and bluescreening, even after talking with the support. They did offer to replace it, but I don’t have time on my return window to check on those things, and I’d rather not have to reinstall everything a third time.

Ordered a OnePlus Pad and a stylus instead, hopefully this thing will be good!


Let us know how you like it once you get it. The device thread is a little quiet so far!


Thanks for all the info. I was on the verge of ordering one just before this thread started. I’m now glad I held back. Too bad, because it really had a lot of potential, but I guess it goes to show that it is harder to make devices than we as users sometimes like to believe.


Just got mine in from amazon a few days ago. Great device and surprised at the performance.

Just a few things to note. They fixed the polarity of the speakers so it’s no longer bass less/direction less and crappy sounding. This was never confirmed but many people with early ones have said the "Out of phase test brings back the bass/imaging) and judging by people saying they were unusable… it all adds up to make sense.

I use my HD800s/Timeless 7hz/Studio Monitors weekly and I’d give the sound for the form factor a 7/10. The galaxy tab would be 9/10 for comparison which has a bit better sound/imaging and low end.

I played a video on the laptop and recorded it with a high end mic.

Also you need to manually update your gpu drivers. Theirs are over a year old on the version included with the tablet.

Pen lines arn’t amazing.

For some reason doesn’t support hdr on windows just videos… even tho it has wide color gamut support, and it’s an oled with 600 peak nits. HDR video looks great tho once you set max luminance to 600 in the windows registry. The recommended settings on the slider are set way to low and just basically maxes out most of the scene.

I also color calibrated mine (Software worked fine on emulation.) it removed the overly cool white point. But other than that it was already fairly accurate stock.

The 53/100 on my display was 134 nits the slider isn’t linear. I also wanted it a bit brighter than normal since the screen is so reflective.

Games also run surprisingly well. I was able to play MGS5 above 30 on some high settings 720p and some indie games I tried no problems.

This is the first device I can really say comes close to being perfect for my workflow of pixel art/media/the odd office stuff/indie games/classic wow.

1: It’s a much better tablet than the surface line (specially newer ones.) outside of pen tracking/palm rejection.
2: Arm support seems good? I haven’t found anything that didn’t run. Most apps have arm builds or ports people compiled which is great.
3: More feature rich vs galaxy tab which imo is the best tablet atm. The only pros that has over this is weight/pen.
4: Great deal vs surface - Though we may need another generation or two for this to be close to mac performance imo.

No windows hdr support.
Keyboard is flat, swings easy when lifting.
Fingerprint magnet.
(Wish the case came in a more passive color)
Windows is super bloated and with the lower spec you really benefit from stripping out all that crap. Which takes a bit of time.


If you wanna test your device use this.


Incase anyone wants to set the max nits for video.

Along with that. Here is a calbration file if anyone wants it. Its obviously not gonna be perfect but if you wanna try it and see if it gets rid of the overly cool stock one. The other review I found measured fairly close to mine.

So feel free to try the icc profile.

For reference on my device 105 nits was 52 brightness. 53 brightness was 134ish.

This was calibrated at 100 - D65

Edit: Also saw some users fixed blue screen issues by reseating the SSD.


@Pixogen Glad to see you made it over here from Reddit. Thanks for persevering. :slight_smile: And thanks for the extensive review, that’s great.

Heh yeah. This and the reddit are basically the only two places with actual users talking about it. I thought I’d chime in with random thoughts.

I was a bit worried about picking this one up. But as long as nothing explodes in the coming months I am really enjoying it.


Happy to see you were finally able to get through sign-up! There was a change in one of the versions of Discourse (our forum software) that caused cookies to collide for new registrations, so I am glad you were finally able to join our ranks! Robo & Kala is certainly a fascinating piece of hardware not to mention an exciting foreshadowing of what next year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite tablet PCs will bring to the table. I can only imagine how good the second generation Robo & Kala will be with that and some spit and polish to the overall design in the product family.

Yeah I saw that. Not sure when a revision may come. But if so I’d upgrade for sure and prolly give this to the wife.

Also ya haha I finally got signed up!

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Ah, he’s learned the TPCR ways of rationalization already.


Well lol I was thinking about grabbing another one for her. But I’ll prolly hold because the power increases and other manufacturers.

Edit: I did forget to mention this here. But Robo & Kala responded to me and said they were going to have a deeper sale coming for black friday. So anyone thinking of grabbing it now amazon doesn’t seem keen on back paying sales anymore.(unless it happens during transit) So I’d hold off a week or two.


New update.

Here is a recording of my laptop playing in-phase/out of phase of this video.

Original Video:


High Quality Recording of my laptop.


I can confirm mine is correctly in phase. If you have one please test (Don’t listen to my recording on the laptop, use another device. But watch the OG video on the laptop.) Is yours’s correctly in phase? or is it reversed compared to my recording. Comment below.

Incase anyone does have the issue and wants to try and fix it. (Not sure what EQ programs work.)

Scroll down to phase fix.

Another thread


Sorry for the giant string of posts!

Currently on sale on amazon for


20 through the 25th


You can also get it from their website for the same price and they have some non pen bundles.

Robo & Kala Website


No need to apologize. These are the kinda strings we like. That is a great price.


Indeed! We are very chill here about posting and aren’t fickle like some stuffy forums might be. As long as folks are kind to each other, they can post as many separate posts as they like to keep the convo going. I’m definitely “guilty” of this myself! So keep it coming. :slight_smile:


Sounds good. I’m nerding out a bit on windows arm and was just really happy to get a oled on such a portable device that wasn’t android.


Well, screw it - I pulled the trigger on it - this is my first ARM device, so we will see.


Calibrated another robo and kala.

This one was much more blue heavy baseline. Incase you want to try this profile.

51 brightness should be close to 100nits.

Security scan.

I use display pro cal loader to keep my profile applied.

Again not really the way to go but hey it might get you closer to that D65 white point.

Also still no issues with my devices all has been great as far as programs working.

I tried monster hunter rise it had a few rendering glitches but it ran on low settings at around 30 fps with some drops. Not ideal lol but was just curious.

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