How About a 14.1" iPad

Ross Young, a pretty reliable display analyst, says there will be a 14.1" iPad Pro for H1 2023:

Why is it, when I’ve been contemplating moving from a 12.9 to an 11, Apple threatens to come along and tempt me with Larger?!

An I am tempted! But surely with Magic Keyboard in tow, that thing is going to be pretty heavy.

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You do have to wonder…

FWIW most of our customers that have considered Samsung’s Tab S8 ultra, after using it for any period of time ended up with either the S8 + or even the standard S8.

The ultra has the wow factor most certainly but actually using it is a different matter. The main customer we have that does really like his ultra uses it almost exclusively in laptop/DEX mode.


I currently only use my IPP 12.9 in tablet mode for art. Otherwise it’s alway in the MK. This is part of why I wanted to switch to the 11. I figure I would actually use it as a tablet more often than just for art. But, I’d be sacrificing canvas size and screen size when I’m using it with the keyboard, so I’m definitely torn. I still might just get a Mini instead and have a 2 device set up, eventually getting the 14.1 IPP.

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I am strongly in the 11" camp, despite really loving the miniLED that my MBP14 has, and the iPP 12.9 would offer. My thinking is that I’ve always wanted the thinnest and lightest travel solution, with desktop chops when using the external monitor. I don’t think the will ever change, so Timmy, rather than the 14.1, give us miniLED or OLED in the 11 please.

PS - I’ve read a lot of artists love the 12.9 an wish it were bigger - I can see a 14.1 completely dominating graphic arts when connected to a Studio or MacBook Pro 16…


Yes of course everyone’s work flow and style varies. We have a designer that uses this one quite a bit for drawing, either in his lap or tent mode on a table.

Horses for courses…

Reminder: Aspect ratio has a major influence on the actual size of a screen.

A 12.9" iPad is as tall as a tab S8 ultra

Ipad 12.9 is also taller than a 15.6" 16:9 screen, a standard portable monitor /laptop size.

Now this is a monstrous size of a 14.1" 3:4 iPad compared to 15.6" 16:9

You would likely need a 17" laptop case to carry this thing around.


My daughter loves her 12.9 IPP. I would guess that the 14.1" display would draw her attention as well. Her use case, however, is quite different from mine.

You all know that for me, less is more. I think the 13" display on the Surface Pro is too big. Without keyboard, the IPP 12.9" is 1.5 Lbs. How much more to you add with a keyboard. Will the 14.1 approach 2 Lbs? That’s simply too heavy for a tablet IMO. Particularly a tablet that does not pack its own kickstand.

So, the 12.9 IPad, even one with out a keyboard, needs a case that can double as a stand. Add 6.4 ounces. 2.14 Lbs. No Bueno. The Go2 is 1.2 with kickstand and 5.4 ounces more with an awesome keyboard. What would a 14.1 weigh with a keyboard folio? 2.9 Lbs? The 12.9 is approaching 2.5 Lbs already with Smart Keyboard Folio.
My old Acer Laptop with I5-540M and Dedicated GPU weighed in at only a little over 3 Lbs. Where does it stop? 15"? How about 16"?

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Why not both?

[quote=“dstrauss, post:5, topic:765”]
I’ve read a lot of artists love the 12.9 an wish it were bigger - I can see a 14.1 completely dominating graphic arts when connected to a Studio or MacBook Pro 16… [/quote]

I’m certainly upgrading my S8 to the ultra next year if the same ridiculous upgrade deal comes along from Samsung that I saw recently. I also wondered how long once Samsung released a 14" tablet before Apple had to do the same.

The more I think about it, now that I’ve had time to digest the idea of the 14.1 a bit, I think going that big, I’d rather just get a Wacom style display for my MBP at my desk. Honestly, art is the only reason bigger is better. For everything else I’d gladly drop down to an 11" IPP. I still like the Magic Keyboard infinitely better than the floppy cover that Surfaces use, so I’ll take the extra weight for the better keyboard experience there.

Sigh, I guess my old dream is my new dream again.


Ouch! Even the 11 w/keyboard still goes 2.3 pounds - way to put the hurt on us Apple slackers.

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The sad thing is, drawing screen at that size with touch, high resolution and reliable pen (ie Cintiq Pro 16) would likely cost as much as that iPad, unless you go for the cheaper Chinese alternatives ( which are still expensive). The Cintiq Pro 16 also had a bad rep with discoloration due to heat, needing to buy Wacom Link separately etc, certainly not as easy to get warranty as Apple or Samsung.

Superdisplay is great but I don’t find anything that quite match it on iOS, so that solution is still limited to Android only. A shame I much preferred 3:4 aspect ratio.

This is ultimately what led me to going with the 12.9 IPP. I considered getting a desktop with a pen display, but since I didn’t have a desktop or reliable laptop at the time, I would in essence have been paying double in paying for the desktop, and even a cheaper pen display. Instead I mostly narrowed it down to the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro and the IPP, but the portability of the IPP without really giving up drawing experience or much screen size swayed me the most. I feel like a 14.1 IPP just swings that in favor of the IPP even more as an art device.

14.1” would make for an interesting headless display combo with a Mac mini…

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Pretty expensive though - if the base 12.9" starts at $1099, what is that 14.1" going to set you back?

You would definitely have to have a use for a 14.1 inch iPad Pro, like professional drawing. Or bags of money in the closet.

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BTW; I just occurred to me there is way possibly for Apple to finesse the whole "I want an iPad that can boot MacOS. If Apple would make their own version of the Surface Laptop studio, the friction point of how do you run Mac OS without a keyboard/mouse because of lack of touch support, at least partially goes away.


MacOS while keyboard is attached? Hmmmmm.


I think a version of a Surface Book would do it. Keyboard base is a Mac, the docking tablet an iPad (14.1”?).

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yeah that’s an alternative too though apple doesn’t seem to be a fan of hardware docks either.

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