Surface Pro 11"

Time for its own thread after reading this article at XDA-Developers:

An 11-inch Surface Pro is the tablet Windows needs and users deserve

I just love the title, especially since this will end up being @Bronsky’s next Windows device (I may even join him and just go with it and the iPhone 15 Pro Max this fall). I really love the form factor of my iPad Pro 11, and if MS can pull this off, so I have desktop class power when docked but iPad Pro mobility on the move, hmmmmmmmm…

From the author:

*" An 11-inch laptop might not be ideal in terms of size, but there’s a market for high-end tablets that are still portable, especially now that Windows 11 can run Android apps. You could use this tablet to play some touchscreen-based games on the go, in addition to browsing the web and maybe for light video or image editing…

Apple’s iPad family is pretty much unrivaled in the tablet space, and that’s particularly true for the 11-inch model. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro can be directly compared to the Surface Pro 9, but there’s nothing to compete with the smaller variant. An 11-inch Surface Pro could change that and bring some much-needed heat to the tablet market, which is pretty stale, even beyond the Windows space. Android tablets are mostly boring, too, minus players from Samsung, and Microsoft could really rejuvenate the market."


I can at least guarantee them one sale. Thanks for making this thread.


I was going to tag this “Rumors-and-leaks”, but maybe “Wait-and-hope” or “Dreaming” would be more appropriate? :grin:

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Already waiting and hoping.

IMO, the biggest mistake Micorsoft has made with the Go is treating it like the ugly stepchild of the Pro series. With the designation of the “new” 11" tablet as a Pro, it might not get short shrift when it comes to equipment and parts. Hopefully, it will remain fanless though.


Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’
Plannin’ and dreamin’ each night of its charms
That won’t get you into 11" arms
So if you’re lookin’ to find the Surface you can share
All you gotta do is hold it, and use it and love it
And show Panos that you care

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Any new rumors I’ve missed out on during my latest fling with the Apple-verse? I’ve seen a few posts from April that claim the 11" and 13" will be “equal” but for screen size (processor, 120hz screen, memory, etc.) so I assume the 11" wouldn’t be much bigger than the Surface Go 3?

Maybe M$ is finally going to go toe to toe against the 11" and 12.9" iPad Pro, at least on the basis of which is the better productivity device. If they more easily integrate Android support as well (for that “tablety” feel) they would be on to something big (or is that little). If they were to move to OLED…

PS - sure hope the 11" Pro sku includes a 5g option without having to go ARM…


I checked in with the Microsoft Store site, and probably reading way too much into this exchange, but I’m almost ready to bet there will be a Intel core 5g version of the Surface Pro 10…

Chat with business group (Chat-GPT?)

9:07, May 16
You: Good morning - Dale Strauss here - does MS now have an Intel based Surface Pro 9 with 5g?
9:08, May 16
Lyn: Hello Dale! Please to meet you. Thanks for your interest with our Surface Pro 9. To answer your question, as of the moment the 5G version of Surface Pro 9 is perfect for SQ3 processor. May I ask if you wish to get the intel core version of Surface LTE 5G?
9:10, May 16
You: Yes, I need an Intel core 5g model. if it is not available then I’ll just stay with my Surface Pro 8 LTE until fall and see what hte Surface Pro 10 brings.
9:11, May 16
You: I have no interest in an ARM device
9:12, May 16
Lyn: That make sense. Yes, I agree with you, if you wish to get the intel core version with 5G, Surface Pro 8 is the best choice at the moment. Our Surface Pro 9 with 5G is currently running SQ3.

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Talking to myself again - been looking at the Go3 on my Best Buy journeys and I don’t see how they can give us a pen cradle unless they can slice the slim pen 2 lengthwise to half its current width (nearly square then) - call it “Anorexic Pen”

Meanwhile I can’t believe it’s just about another five months until the next MS product announcement. Where hopefully they’ll announce a Surface Studio 3, a Surface Studio monitor line, a Surface Pro 11”, the Laptop Studio 2 with better internals and OLED or mLED, and a Surface Go 4 ARM with OLED or mLED.


They could easily cut a half-inch off the incredibly oversized and useless touchpad that I never used. But I predict that they won’t. The Go keyboard will not have a pen cradle. :imp:

No cradle, no GO.

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I think the current keyboard cradle is the most perfect solution.

I would hate to see the pen return to the side of the device, or worse the back, like what Samsung has started doing.

Maybe the could make the slim pen 2 slot integrated in the Pro itself, but like under the Kickstand or something? Given the thickness of the Pro 9’s that could be doable.

Believe it or not, I think the keyboard cradle, for a tablet, is the BEST solution to this problem. As much as I love my iPad Pro 11 form factor, it is always a hassle to figure out a loop or cover or some other trick to keep from losing the d@mn pen. Please M$, do not release the 11" SP10 with only a magnetically attached pen…

Yea, I have to agree as well. Only, the pen should be thinner in the future and tapered in the end or the middle to make it easier to take out. Maybe the taper could be in the cradle. The only thing that gives me any hope of seeing a pen cradle in the Pro 11 is Microsoft’s dilemma on how to charge a pen without the cradle. Waiting and hoping. :vb-agree:

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Same here. I did overlook one detail - the keyboard tray on my SP8 sticks out from the base of my keyboard almost 5mm from the rest of the keyboard - so with some slimming as suggested, maybe they can make it work…we need some of Ralf Groene’s magic…

@Bronsky - now that you’ve had some time to work with the Surface Pro X, do you think the 11" Surface Pro will be adequate if it only comes with Qualcomm processor and WOA? I can’t see doing that myself absent 16gb ram and at least a 512gb ssd. My guess is they won’t be user swappable ssd’s at 11".

I could live with a CPU equal to the SQ2, 16GB Ram and 256K SSD. I don’t see why there won’t be a replaceable drive. There ■■■■ well better be. I know you will need at least a 512K, but that should be offered. 5G would be nice.

The weakness of the GPU is troubling but, as bad as it is with video clips, it seems to handle zooming fine. That is my greater use case. If the 7cx is the CPU, it had better at least equal the performance of the SQ2.

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Guess I’m just assuming (we all know where that gets me) space is going to be on a premium in there. It would be great if it does have a hatch because I already have a 1tb drive in the SP8. I would kill for it to have a 13th gen i5 with 5g - because even this 11th gen i5 holds its own for everything I do. That Surface Go form factor is just so inviting, especially if I can connect it to my OWC Thunderbolt 4 dock for my office workstation.

No new info on the Surface Pro 11" this week, but digging around about WHY there is no 5g version of the Surface Pro 9 (13") and I’m beginning to worry that the 11" SKU will only come in the ARM version. That’s going to be a tough decision for this cowboy…

Anyone heard otherwise? What would/will you do if it is only ARM for cellular?

I think if this mythical 11inch Pro does hit, will depend alot of the Go 4

If the Go 4 does end up being ARM/5G, with it already at the 10/11 inch range, it would be kind of redundant to offer an ARM based 11-inch Pro