Do we really need an OLED MacBook Pro or iPad Pro?-BGR

I know @JoeS answer would be, “of course we do”

OTOH aside from the edge case/torture videos on YouTube, the reality is that in many ways the miniLED may be superior, for example in the areas of maximum brightness, linearity and color accuracy (especially stability)

In addition the panel makers look to have solved the issues which have precluded display sizes below 12.9 inch before now, and in fact 11 inch and even 8 inch (new iPad mini anyone?) are on the near horizon.

OLED MacBook Pro launch: Do we need another display upgrade? (

And yes I’m aware that BGR can sometimes be a shill for the corporate line from Apple, but…

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You know, in the recent past I would say “heck yeah”, but I spend a lot less time watching “TV” on my devices these days, so I’m less eager to get an OLED equipped iPad. Now would I buy it: yes! It’s just not as pressing anymore.