CES a big yawn for tablet users?

In the past, the holidays were followed by a far more relevent and exciting CES. From the look of it, Samsung will be focusing on MWC. What little there will be from computing will be laptops. Microsoft hasnt shown up for years. Is it going to be a zzzzzz. MSN


As usual, there will be some really neat things that will never come to market in a timely manner. At least not in the US. Think: Acer Switch 7 Black Edition.


Wouldn’t CES be the best time to announce a Surface Go 3, a downsized 11" Surface Pro 9 design with WOA, 5g, and Slim Pen 2 keyboard tray???

Come on Panos, we KNOW you know how to do that!!!


I think CES would be a fine time to announce a Samsung Galaxy Tab Fold.


Lol, perhaps with all the big brands either not making any major announcements/reveals/launches or even just not turning up but the world’s media still turning up, perhaps that could work now.

But Microsoft seem to be firmly in the ‘barely bothering to turn up’ crowd for CES. I think CES is only still going is because the real reason behind it, hotel suite meetings, still happens.


Looks like Lenovo is going to announce the Surface Neo…


This is great, but Lenovo is INFAMOUS for announcing new design devices months to a YEAR before they are available, BUT I WILL BE WATCHING!

Maybe CES won’t be a total bust after all… a little more (with more speculation)…


A Lenovo rep just told us tentatively Q2 for this one.


Not sure if this is part of the CES hype, but good to see progress in the foldable screen space either way.

Predictions from the Verge:

The article doesn’t mention it, but I think the Asus ROG Flow convertibles have stylus support. Not sure which digitizer tech they use, anyone?

MPP and from what I’ve seen and heard it’s not very good. Some here certainly seemed to think so.

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Wacom comes in with an update to the Cintiq Companion Hybrid. A Pro-EMR Android slate in an affordable price range, let’s say it technically usurps the Tab S8 Ultra as the single best slate for using CSP. Let’s say it does not get OLED but it’s some sort of insanely well calibrated IPS Black panel — I still kind of think my MSP16 had a better calibrated, easier-on-the-eyes screen than my 2020 IPad Pro in spite of the huge difference in brightness, but I seriously couldn’t say about Retina XDR. Probably post-M1, Apple has it squarely destroyed in every way.

Anyway, one can dream.

Okay, this one’s a bit interesting. The Lenovo Thinkbook Twist. Two screens, 2.8k OLED + color e-ink, pen (probably AES), and it twists around flat like old school tablet PCs.


“… spinning around the screen lets the user choose between the primary display—a 13.3-inch, 2.8K OLED touch panel that’s no slouch on its own—and the 12-inch e-ink panel on the rear. ”

13th-gen Intel processors, maximum 16GB DDR5 memory, 1TB of 4th-gen SSD storage, and Wi-Fi 6E. ETA June, $1,649.

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The folding sections look like an impressive form factor, full stop.

Agreed. too bad that the only thing Lenovo had at CES were renders. Not even a non working mockup.

Never been, so asking to learn: what footprint does Apple have at CES?

Almost none directly. Lots of Apple products in other vendors booths though.

Apple was quietly all over CES 2022… again - CNET

BTW: It’s sad to say this but unless you can attend on the insider or press days, I wouldn’t bother on the general public days which started today. Way too many people, and everything is locked behind glass cases so little to none hands on with anything genuinely new.


Historically wasn’t all the “good-stuff” disclosed in limited access private meeting rooms off the show floor anyway?

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Exactly, still the case which seems to sort of run counter to the idea of it being the “Consumer Electronics Show”

Not to mention the stack of NDAs I signed up for

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