Apple Pencil for iPhone?

Although I have serious doubts, this article discusses some “finds” in ioS 17 - these rumors all go back to an offhand comment from cook several years ago about how you’ll like using the new pencil on your iphone and iPad…

Needless to say, I’d love this…


It would be huge, and it would be a viable exit strategy for me if using Linux doesn’t pan out — I’d just have to replace my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Kindle Scribe, and Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 w/ an iPhone, iPad, and Macbook respectively (which hurts my wallet and my eye sight just thinking about it).


I would love it to and would give up my S22 ultra in heart beat if it was true,

But to pour some cold water on this…ever since the move of the Mac’s to ARM the alphas and even betas of new versions of Mac OS had touch/pen related code and frameworks in them.

Which of course fueled the rumors of touchscreen iMacs and so on, but to date we know what became of those as Apple inevitably pulled the code prior to final release.

I do think that Apple is at least considering this and the inclusion of this code in betas is perhaps a way to move that forward with certain covert development resources, but reality is that Apple will do what Apple will do only when they are satisfied by an internal metric(s) which we aren’t privy to.

And of course when they finally do, it will be “magical”.

TLDR I wouldn’t hold my breath…

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Yeah, I still don’t understand why Apple doesn’t make Wacom a part of the demo experience in their stores — curious if there will be increased uptake on the new Wacom One with touch — it’s an incredible value and I think would work great w/ a Mac Mini.

Timmy - “Make them eat iPads!”

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While I get the use case with Macs, to have active Wacom Products would deter from iPad Sales. With Photoshop and Clip Studio now native to iPadOS, Apple can argue and Ipad on its own or in sidecar mode would be the more ideal solution then a 3rd party tablet.

and even if they did, it likely wouldn’t go in Wacoms favor anyway. With the Giant Thick bezels, and low brightness/poor quality screens in the Wacom One, who wouldn’t be more compelled to just opt for an iPad with much more impressive looking display

Aren’t Apple owners (mostly) well-heeled enough to afford Wacom Cintiqs?

I thought that is why they own iPads - superior to Cintiq - right? :rofl:

So just to stir the pot a bit. There is a theory/rumor that the new pencil may have an alternate future purpose as well… for a foldable iPhone/tablet…
Just rumors and speculation of course, but OTOH Apple has done similar in the past such as firmware feature in Air Pods that no concurrent iPhone could use, or for that matter “spurious” IOS like code appearing in Mac OS betas, only to be pulled upon final release, which ultimately ended up being code for the then non existent M series macs.


The “pencil 1 lightning to usb c EU Logitech crayon competitor lower entry price” theory sounds right, IMO. As long as a functionality equivalent pencil 2 is available and compatible with new devices, I’m probably good.

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I got really excited when I saw this rumor, but then I remembered May 2016…

" It’s difficult for Apple to keep secrets this close to an iPhone launch. At this point, we probably know most of what there is to know, but a May interview with Tim Cook resurfaced on Daring Fireball could indicate that Apple has one surprise in store.

If you’ve ever seen what can be created with that pencil on an iPad or an iPhone, it’s really unbelievable …

As Gruber observes, it’s clear that Cook misspoke one way or the other, but it does raise the possibility at least that he knew Apple Pencil support was on the way for a future iPhone. " 9-to-5 Mac

Apple, nor Cook, ever retracted or corrected the comment to Gruber, but we are seven years down the road…maybe only three more to go?

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I don’t know how to evaluate the software issues associated with enabling the pencil on an iPhone. One thing I know for sure is that the Pencil 2 is at least 1/4 inch longer than even the iPhone 15 Pro Max. That has to be an issue with whatever form of OCD is in the Apple design process.

I don’t think this is going to be an iPhone (unfortunately). I think they are working on an iPad Mini Pro. Even if I’m wrong, they’ll tell you to put a clip on it and stick it in your pocket protector. I just don’t see them ever approaching S-Pen territory. Too close to the mythical Jobs’ hating stylus…

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Seems that Ben Lovejoy over at 9to5 Mac agrees - but I think he’s talking about a larger folding iPad (maybe the rumored 14"+):

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