Windows 11

Gee, never knew I needed THIS MANY TOOLS to keep Windows 11 working…

Ctrl-Alt-Del anybody???

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Umpteen dozen tools and none of them address the real problems:

  • weird rounded corners and similar aesthetic choices which make Windows look like a bad Mac OS knock-off — Windows 10’s sharp corners looked much nicer and more intentional, and more importantly, consistent.
  • stylus dumbed down to 11th touch input so that it scrolls rather than selecting text
  • allowing a competitor to control an essential technology in the OS — if HTML rendering was so important that they had to spend money on lawsuits defending Internet Explorer, why is Edge now a rebadged Chrome?

None of those stupid tools are needed if you don’t use some of the other stupid tools to optimize things.

Windows runs good without all that stuff.
It starts to behave suboptimal, when ppl start to “tweek” it with thinlks they read on the internet.

I install and deinstall sw on my windows 11 ( upgraded from 10 ) constantly, am doing sw development, download stuff, am on sites you should not be on and still it runs like new.

I am not stupid enough to mess with the stuff that MS intendet to be used their way.


Some movement on the return of app ungrouping on the taskbar:

Windows 11 is getting a bit Windows 8ish - having to walk back a lot of changes - maybe windows 12 will be our Windows 10? Can’t wait (sarcasm) for the redesign of File Manager that looks more like Finder (MacOS) with each “update.”


Not that long if you’re catching the bugs this way…

Catching Fly Using Chopstick Miyagi Sticker - Catching Fly ...

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It makes all the more clear that these feature omissions were not because of some new apple-esque vision of a simplified OS, but rather because they needed to ship a “new” OS for the next round of PCs, whether it was an incomplete product or not.


Also: ‘We can’t waste Windows 10X (or else I might get let go)!’ despite it being still a prototype by the looks of things.

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Yes and no. Yes, they needed to ship a new OS but no, they did not have to remove the features to ship it. It ended up being them omitting features for the sake of doing so to make the OS appear to be different enough to be worthy of a number change. Given that it was two steps forward and one step back, they more correctly should have named it Windows 9.


You should rarely need those tools. Tools like Recuva is for emergencies. The only 3rd party tool I use a lot is Wiztree, very useful tool to see what exactly takes up disk space but that tool would also be handy for other OSs.
One thing I do would like to see in W11 itself is to easily do basic undervoltage, some basic fan control and a more aggressive battery saver tool (as a toggle in quick settings).

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I don’t know what it is, but I have this strong urge to say “Frickin’ finally” on all the MS related news lately. I’m almost beginning to think that Windows 11 is improving!


They’ve been beating you with their left hook for so long you’re happy with a right uppercut?


Variety is the spice of life.

Stockholm Syndrome

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I just want to be able to use the stylus in all apps, w/o having to leave Settings open and toggle a setting, and to select text.