General Gripes About the State of Software (feel free to add yours)

  • For all the talk of the “power of AI,” why is it email programs still won’t recognize contact information in an email and at least offer to save it to the contact feature?

  • The problem with PWAs and server side features is environment stability. Just when you think you’ve got a workflow stabilized, some app goes and changes the server-side code. The process is broken, everybody points fingers but nobody can restore the status quo antebellum.

While I’m beating dead horses:

  • I understand the business drivers behind subscriptions, but just how much of the economy can be supported if every vendor expects to get paid every month? Music, video, software, devices, drive my car. Shortly I expect to have to put quarters in a meter to sleep in my own bed (swipe a card on an app to you Gen Zers).

  • I give M$ credit for starting down the path on cross platform apps. Once Office was available on (almost) all platforms, others had to join suit. We STILL need the unified user experience. Different UIs, feature sets, file management. Geez. It’s like watching a pole vaulter run down to the line, throw the pole down and just walk away - after we’ve paid a subscription to see the event.


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The early leader in this “subscription” c r a p was Adobe; thank the good lord that M$, Apple, Amazon, etc. haven’t followed Adobe’s pricing model (yet)! It’s all unraveling though, just like television. It was bad enough we had to cobble together a multitude of subscriptions to be a cord cutter, but now the networks have put so much original content behind paywalls that we have to subscribe to them even IF you have cable.

Back on topic, your point about “unified user experience” is spot on. They don’t have to (and probably can’t) make the experience the same across all devices, but at least on a system level compatibility, the experience should be the SAME across the desktop, across tablets, across smartphones.


Sing it, Brother!

It’s so bad that there are a plethora of apps designed to identify subs you’ve forgotten about, which are quietly leaching your bank account. Ironically most if not all require a subscription for full functionality. :vb-lol:


I admit I’m no software engineer. Having said that and give or take screen resolution, touch and pen (touchy subject for Macs), running from server-side code, aren’t all devices just terminals? Isn’t it fair to expect 90%+ consistency from the most powerful computers known to mankind - so far?

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Yep. Just another opportunity to have to pay a fee for the privilege of having your data used - again. And we’re not even getting wined, dined or kissed.

I wonder if we’ll have to pay a subscription for SkyNet?


My gripe is that I can’t find a replacement for Macromedia Freehand née Altsys Virtuoso — fortunately, it’s still running w/ nice pen support in Windows 10 build 1703, but I’ve had to roll back twice now, and it’s getting really, really hard to stay back there.

I’d also like to see a nice program for designing graphical programs — the last one I was successful w/ was Runtime Revolution, and Livecode just pulled the plug on their opensource version, and I’m not sure if I want to buy into a commercial license.

I would agree, but I have been chastised again and again that you can’t accomplish teh same on the different levels of devices…HOWEVER

Be very careful what you wish for, because that is exactly M$'s pitch behind Windows 365 where they host Windows and Office in the cloud and charge you monthly fees to mirror that to your device - so technically I could have full Windows ands Word on my iPad Pro 11 if and only if I live on the internet and stream it to my iPad…

  1. Control Panel and Settings in Windows
    Pick one and stick with it.
  2. Fall Creator’s Update 1709
    Wacom tech was a gigantic mess after this for awhile.
  3. Typing or inputs while your computer is lagging seems to not carry over
    If computer was lagging, I’d type out the thing i needed to type out and it would all be there when the computer was done lagging. This doesn’t happen anymore (neither does the lag… usually) and I oddly miss this feature a lot.
  4. Subscriptions
    I KINDA solely blame world of warcraft for this.

Trust me, I don’t wish for it. I’ve seen a cattle drive, and we’re about to be driven.

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adapting from an earlier list of gripes :slight_smile: , I’d like

  • A working MS Authenticator app on the Apple Watch
  • A way to keyword search the unwieldy Outlook Desktop settings. So frustrating…
  • Firefox to sync custom searches. How hard can this be? This should just work.
  • A way to pay for an ad-free experience basically anywhere
  • A Windows on ARM version of Signal
  • A way to initiate WhatsApp or Signal messages on the Apple Watch
  • A companion Signal app on Android (the SD1 in particular)
  • Native fast functional advanced file and email search in Windows. It’s only been a few decades.
  • Picasa returned to the original developers. D*mn you Google!
  • A Windows Photos app that reliably lets me browse pics in a folder using cursor keys

I’m sure there’s a lot more, but these are gripes that resurface fairly regularly.


Is it fixed? Which version? I just want to be able to select text using a Staedtler Noris Digital Stylus (no side button) and no scroll w/ the pen, and to be able to draw in legacy apps such as Macromedia Freehand w/ pressure support.

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Hard to say to be honest. I haven’t had strictly wacom tech for awhile. It was wacom licensed (Samsung laptop)

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PWA is nice for consuming since I can add browser plugins but I dislike it for productive apps (like you mentioned the stability but also possible privacy issues). Also I dislike most subscriptions too (the exception is Office family) and tend to ignore them.
Stuff I want to see:

  • a less buggy Windows Mail app.
  • better touch support for Firefox (or Android Firefox for Windows).
  • like JoeS said Windows Photo is buggy asf (it sometimes also ignores recently added images for me)

Yo dawg i heard you like subscriptions, so we gave you a subscription to watch your subscriptions :see_no_evil:

Do be fair, MS did choose (for Settings). They just keep Control Panel so they can take it slowly (or MSlothly). :smile:


Oh here’s one: I don’t like how hard it is to give software feedback and get a sense that anyone actually cares. In my dream world, developers would go “hey, this JoeS character gives pretty good feedback, let’s look into his latest gripes”. Instead, submitting feedback on the Feedback hub feels like yelling into the void. It’s extremely unrewarding, and doesn’t seem to reach the right people on time.

Today’s annoyance: type a long reminder in Cortana (OK I know, nobody does that), accidentally hit cursor up which brings up a prior typed request, hit cursor down: oh look, a blank line, everything I just typed has disappeared. This seems like such a dumb little thing, easy to fix, but what are the odds that submitting this as an issue will lead to any action. Kind of small I think.


Is THAT what’s happening?
What a terrible choice…

One more since I was just complaining about this in the Duo OG thread:

I tried to find how I had the Windows 11 screen gestures set up, and it seems like… you can’t? Looking for “gestures” in settings on Win11 offers you Touchpad gestures, or “Turn touch gestures on or off”, which brings me to a menu Bluetooth & devices > Touch, with no indication whether this is for the screen or the trackpad. Since the second line says ‘touch screen to wake’ I’m thinking these are the screen gestures, but why have it so implicit? Why not show which gestures are active? Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place? And aside from all that, I think we still can’t customize the touch screen gestures, e.g. to make them match the customizable trackpad settings.

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THAT is the single most “tilt at windmills” statement I have ever read around here - and folks think I am a unicorn hunter…

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Turns out I really needed a gripe thread :joy:

Just now: I hate that you can’t disable the “swipe to camera” lock screen behavior on iOS. Too often I activate the camera when I try to dismiss an older notification. There’s already a camera button on the lock screen, why also insist on having a swipe gesture? Grrr


So, here’s what set me off today - warning TLDR - :

My admin retired two weeks ago, and I won’t be able to hire a replacement. Turns out I have a large stack of contacts that need to be updated. All the necessary information is in the emails from those contacts sitting in Outlook folders.

The rules do not allow me to have some third party web based scanning service crawl the PST file to retrieve the data. The apps I found through research are all tied to some CRM and so at best would only scan business cards into their own repository not Outlook.


  1. Open a new MS Word Document.
  2. Insert a two column table
  3. Win+L Outlook to one side of the screen and the Word document to the other
  4. Bring an email with a current address into the reading pane on Outlook
  5. Win+Shift+s to bring up the snipping tool
  6. Snip a roughly rectanular image with the contact information
  7. Paste it into the table, resizing as needed
  8. Print the table on my physical printer
  9. Install MS Lens on my iPhone
  10. Use Lens to photograph each cell of the printed table as a Business Card
  11. Use the cropping handles on the image if needed
  12. Click confirm and done
  13. Export to OneNote (Contact + Image), click save
  14. Pull up OneNote on the iPhone
  15. If you’ve never done this before, the software has added a “Contacts” section to your default notebook, navigate to that section. Each contact you sent over has its own page.
  16. Near the bottom of the Contact’s page is a FREAKING VCF ICON!!!
  17. Double click the vcf icon. This gives you a preview of the contact
  18. At the bottom of that page, is a share icon. click it, scroll left and select contacts
  19. You are now in the Contacts app. scroll down and select Create New Contact
  20. You now have the ability to edit any wonky contact fields.
  21. Click done.
  22. Return to step 4. Rinse and repeat as needed
    Because I both (a) used my Outlook account to set up the iPhone default mail and contacts AND (b) installed the Outlook mobile iOS app, the two contact stores will sync. (I set it up this way back in the day so that Siri’s reminders would also go on my Outlook calendar.)

Now, back to the FREAKING VCF CARD ICON. Why in the ■■■■ can’t we just send that icon straight to Outlook? Huh? We pay subscriptions, we endure more and more ads on the same software we’re subscribed to, and BASIC functions are still locked down out of reach.



Sounds hellish… So to make sure I understand, you want text based contact info from emails in Outlook web into your iPhone’s address book?

Not sure if this helps, but note that if you take picture of the address using your iPhone, you can actually copy and paste that text right from the photo. The iPhone automatically does OCR on photos these days.

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