Windows 12 - aka Hudson Valley

Try try again:

Sounds almost “componentized” so does that mean keeping a minimal load on your respective device so all else can live in Azure cloud heaven?

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We are supposed to get a briefing on this next week. However the key word I keep hearing is “modular” in the context of a lighter weight overal load of windows optimize for device type/purpose. In other words a different build and load out for a gaming laptop versus a lightweight 2 in 1 like the Dell XPS


Yes and no.
It is a more modular system, where they can compete against the like of ChromeOS or in Enterprise environment.
The same version can also blown up to the full version.
So it can be way more stripped down then Windows S or it can be the Enterprise version

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Where have we heard this before - oh yeah

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Sure, but it seems the base is even more modular and we are now a few years further int development.

Cars have always claimed to be better then the one before, and some realy were

More and more rumor-mongering about Windows 12 coming as a subscription model;

Zac Bowden says no, but even his explanation is lame as I feel it may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing affair of “up-charging” for Copilot and other services as part of Microsoft 365…

I don’t think Nadella will stop at anything to monetize M$ services.


Won’t selling hardware which requires a subscription for basic licensing/functionality run afoul of consumer protection laws? (assuming of course, a reasonable interpretation, and a functioning judiciary, which is all the political comment I’m going to make as an independent who is getting really tired of finding the same sort of politician on either side of the aisle after unwrapping the labeling)

Given the number of notifications I’ve been getting for Office 365 on my GB3 Pro 360, I could see a Pro/Business Edition and Office being installed/active, and maybe which apps are available as a Type.

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Worst case scenario is basic windows becomes like chrome OS. Through forced obsolescence, it becomes necessary to upgrade to it to be able to make basic connections. And then the really “cool“ stuff is only available when you subscribe to other services.

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This seems inevitable to me as MS looks for ways to alternative ways to monetize and fund further Windows development.

The only reason that Apple isn’t doing it (yet anyway) is that they also have a lock on the hardware as well.

Honestly it was either this or go back to start charging for major upgrades again.

Plus, though it doesn’t get as much press, but MS has been forced repeatedly to cut the per CPU sold licensing fees they charge their biggest OEM partners (down almost 70% over the peak during Windows 10).

TLDR you got to pay the biils somehow…

And FWIW, I’d rather pay on subscription than get evermore ads, or slowing of enhancements and improvements.


RANT WARNING - he woke up grouchy - read at your own risk…

I’d be willing to bet that:

  1. You won’t get any less ads, and
  2. The “improvements” you do get will be to enable additional services and subscriptions sold by MS.

Yes, my level of cynicism and and snark have grown exponentially since the pandemic (maybe after effects of three Covid shots and two cases of Covid).

WHY have they been repeatedly forced to cut their OEM license fees - where the h#ll are their OEM partners going to go - Stay with an unsupported version of Windows? Linux? Android/Chrome? Roll their own? No, the OEM’s do not have an alternative. If M$ was doing its OS job and being the base for software development, I’d get that, but now it it just another service selling platform.

If I had a WRITTEN guarantee of no ads in a subscription version of Windows - M$ or third party - I’d jump on that freight train to nowhere in a heartbeat. As it is, M$ doesn’t give a rip about Windows or Office any longer - it is all about Azure and AI, with Windows and Office paying the freight.

SORRY - got up on the wrong side of the bed and realized my boss wasn’t closing the office for Columbus Day…


Yeah. I think @dstrauss is right. Add more ads to my worst case scenario.

Yep. Used to work with an older lawyer whose favorite questions were: “Were you on the crew of the Santa Maria? Were you on the welcoming committee when he arrived? Me either. We’re working!”

HEY - we had the same boss…he did stop that at Santa Claus tho (Did you work in the toy shop?! Did you prep Rudolph?! - Oh well, take a day if you must.)


He had a corollary - A day without mail is a day full of billing hours…


He didn’t ask the toy shop question, although he did remind me that in Miracle on 34th Street, the sanity hearing was held on Christmas Eve - and everybody including the Post Office was at work.

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The cynicism/grumpiness is higher than usual today. Maybe I should ask ChatGPT if there is a correlation.

PS: As I was typing this, windows 'helpfully" offered to autocorrect ChatGPT for me :slight_smile: :laughing:


Can I just say how awesome it is to hold the official status of “forum curmudgeon”. Mornings are never too dull, and hope never too bright.

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My understanding is that your profession is to blame :face_with_hand_over_mouth: as MS which used to charge based on the total number of systems the OEMS sold regardless of OS actually on it or purpose (such as server) has been struck down repeatedly in court…

You’re right though and some cynicism is a good thing anyway with all these behemoth corporations getting increasingly more wealth and power (while getting lazier to put effort into the fun/cool things, like Surface :unamused:).

Also no way I am going to pay for subscription for Windows, I will probably just use W11 for a long time in case they are going to do it since the upgrades between the OS versions are not noteworthy anyway.

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So I had a new insight in to this yesterday after I participated in our earnings/shareholder call for our corporate parent. (I’d rather have my teeth pulled BTW than do one of these calls)

The TLDR of it and what MS appears to be responding to, is that the Wall Street pendulum has swung back from “growth is what drives the stock” back to “are you actually making a profit?”

This is writ large across all the streaming platforms with all the price hikes and content pullbacks, but MS isn’t immune either

Here comes another Netflix price hike - The Verge


What a novel concept…

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