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Let’s make this a place to showcase your latest tablet-generated artwork. If you’re willing, please share what tools you used, and maybe something about how you work.

Request: if your work is even slightly NSFW, please put it in “spoiler tags” or “details” tags.

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With that out of the way, let’s share and/or admire some tablet art by the locals!

Recent (?) work by @godofiron as described in this post

Artist info: ArtStation - Obaseun “godofiron” Ogunkeye

Previously featured work:

Masterpiece by Azzart

To start off I’m posting an image from “our own” @Azzart, copied form his website. Side note, I haven’t seen him here yet, hope he got the memo! (edit: yes he did!)


AND… it can be more than just images. Any “digital creation,” within reason, is welcome to be showcased here. CAD renderings, solid models… if it has a digital basis and it is not too big in file size (whatever that means) you can show it here. To reiterate @JoeS 's comment, consider telling us a little bit about it while you are at it. As for what a maximum file size is, we’ll have to experiment with that moving forward.

Anyway, this forum is for whatever you content creators want to make of it, so please feel free to innovate (and / or let us know how the forums here can be adjusted)…


Right now, the size limit for image file types is the maximum Discourse allows: 100MB and 150 megapixels, whichever you hit first. We are also right now limited to just these file extensions for upload: jpg, jpeg, png, heic, heif, webp. I am debating allowing pdf’s, exe’s, msi’s, and zip’s since there has been requests before in the old forum for old software that is no longer available. Allowing these file types would allow for uploading old driver packs and old software among other things. I currently have all file types enabled for staff uploads. I currently have about 313 GB of available storage left on my VPS which can be upgraded (at an added cost, which would require donations at that point) based on demand and need. As it stands, though, our footprint is tiny here and there is tons of room to grow.

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I’m a digital artist with a great love for tablet technology that allows me to make stuff like this!
made this in Clip Studio Paint, using my huion kamvas pro 20 tablet that I’ve been using for a few years now.

This particular piece was illustrated for a tabletop card game that I was commissioned to work on.

in total this took me over a month to paint because I was doing a lot of figuring-out of shapes and lighting.

I actually admire artists who can make whole paintings on a single layer - i think over the course of making this, I used at least 10 separate layers, but when I was satisfied with certain parts, I kept merging layers down, till I ended up with about three layers.


@godofiron Nice, I like the depth of focus effect! BTW, I have been pronouncing your username in French in my mind, but I realize it’s probably “God of iron”, c’est vrai?

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Thank you very much…!

and yes, it is pronounced “god of iron” :joy:

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If you don’t mind, could you share a little more about the work, like was this just for fun, or a job? How long does something like that take you once you have decided on the composition? And… how many layers did you use? Full disclosure, I’m not an artist… :slight_smile:

I made an edit to the original post, answering your questions!

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Nice, thanks! That’s exactly what I was hoping for in this thread. I’ve included your image in the OP, let me know if that’s OK, and/or if you want anything added there, like a website link.

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That’s brilliant, thank you!

just my online portfolio is great, thank you!
[ArtStation - Obaseun “godofiron” Ogunkeye]


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