Where do artists go to discuss their workflow and devices?

It’s been pretty quiet in this category. Maybe it’s just because we’re still a small forum, but maybe there are simply other better forums for discussing art&tech. Are there?

And related, is there anything else we can do to make things more lively here? I love seeing what people make, and I’m always curious what tools they use, how they work, etc. so it would be great if we could get more contributions. Maybe instead of having a single “artwork showcase thread” we should encourage artists to make new threads for each individual piece. Kind of like what @Rathacat already did, I think that’s a good idea. Any other thoughts on how to improve this category?

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I think you just need to be patient. The problem with a lot of art or illustration is that it can be under non-disclosure agreement. Personally, I’m doing two projects which can’t be shared - one for security reasons and the other because the project isn’t out yet and I’m still working on the illustrations and animations for the finished article. The second one, I’ll be able to share when the project is complete - all I can say is that it’s an update of a 1990’s interactive program and I just remembered the title - the original was called “Museum of Anything Goes.
Put out as an exercise to learn director and 20 years later, the authors discovered it had become a huge cult hit.

I can’t speak for the other artists who may / may not have transferred across from TPCR though but I’m hoping to get some time for personal stuff sometime in the next 6 weeks.