Thinking of selling my Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel

I got this awesome laptop awhile back but It may not be for me. I’m thinking of selling it and wondered if anyone in this group would be interested.
these are the specs from New Egg. It’s got a lot of power, not as portable for my needs.

I moved your thread to the Buy/Sell section, as it looks like you are asking to see if anyone is interested in purchasing your unit.

If you could, please post some pictures of your unit, the usage history, and what country you are in (for shipping/customs considerations).

We’ve got a great community here, lots of trustworthy tablet enthusiasts that will take good care of your hardware. :wink:

thanks. I’ll add photos in a bit. The link is right from New Egg where I got it so those are the specs of this device. No scratches or issues. It runs great. It is a bit loud, but nothing different from when I got it. I am in the USA, so I’d ship from there. I still have the box it came in.

as in Usage History, Mostly graphic design. I haven’t drawn on it as much so the screen is still pretty pristine.
Other than photos, what do you want to know? I can take photos of whatever and videos.

Basic information like how long you’ve had the unit, all inputs working (ports, pen, touch), no screen marks, and if all original boxed contents are included.

And of course, how much you are looking to sell it for. :wink:

I’ll send more tomorrow. But here goes. I ordered it almost a year ago 4/29/21. I think it took some time to get here. All ports work fine. Fingerprint scanner doesn’t work well, but I think it has to do with this model.

I still have everything it came with:
AC Adapter & Power Cord
Wacom EMR Pen

the hinges on the screen are still very tight, or at least they are not loose is what I’m getting at.
I got this for a little over $3000 when I got it. I don’t expect it’s still worth that, If you have some ideas on what I would/should sell it for that would be great. I want to be fair, but don’t want to give it away.

When I’m trying to sell something I always check recent sales on eBay. Not that easy for yours since there’s not too many being resold it seems. The closest I found is a refurbished model for sale with 1TB SSD (yours is 2TB), 16GB RAM (yours is 32GB) and RTX 2060 (yours is 2070 Max Q) for $2250 from the official Acer Recertified store. Lower-end, but with 2 year third party warranty. You can probably ask quite a bit more. I’m not in the market though. :slight_smile:


I found this one
it looks like it’s a bit newer. so I guess mine should be lower than that?

Honestly you can ask whatever you like, sometimes you get lucky with a buyer who just wants the thing, competitive pricing be darned! :slight_smile: Note that eBay now takes something like 12%, and transactions involving PayPal could now lead to a new tax form for next year, so make sure you have your original receipt so that you can prove that you didn’t have any profit. Otherwise you’re going to be paying income tax on top of all fees. Sigh.

good to know. if I sell it here, would I want to put it up on Ebay? I do have the receipt from Newegg. I’ll take some pictures soon. I have some things to do and dental work to get done :frowning:

Yeah good question, not entirely sure myself. I’ve seen people here use eBay, but it might be better to try say Swappa (far lower fees). The reason to sell on eBay is visibility to WAY more potential customers, but that’s not as necessary when you’re letting people know about it here. So one option is to post expensive on eBay (to cover all the fees) and post cheaper on Swappa, and tell us about the latter.

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