SOLD: Surace Book 3 15" 16/256 $700

Updated! New Price! Mamma bought a new toy, so this is reduced to $700. I’m also going to list it locally whenever I get around to it.

  1. Surface Book 3 15"

  2. Used, I think I’ve had it about a year and a half, out of warranty, power adapter is new in the box because I used it with a dock

Originally openbox Satisfactory from BB. Small dent of sorts in clipboard, hardly noticeable, not photographable. I’ve kept it in the hard case because I take the clipboard off to put on a music stand at times. Never left the house.

3)Pictures (maybe, not sure if the upload worked)

  1. $700 + shipping

  2. Paypal Goods and Services for everyone’s protection

  3. Will ship to US and Canada

  4. I’ve bought and sold here. Haven’t used ebay in forever, but jackoinabox there.

  5. It’s more than I need and it’s not getting used because it’s just too big to carry and I have a very small desk. It’s time to let go.

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Good luck! I can vouch for @violajack - this will be a great deal.


Bump for price drop.

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If only I didn’t already have way too many computers… :sweat_smile:

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You and me both. Tech for tech’s sake. :rofl: Such a hot deal yet what vault to squeeze it into?

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And you guys never ship outside your bloddy shores.

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I’ve never shipped overseas before, but I’d be open to investigating. It’s just that is sounds so much more complicated with customs and whatnot. I’ve read so many things about people in other countries having trouble receiving packages. I have the original box, so I suppose I could pack it well enough for a longer trip. I’m not even sure where I’d start. What service does one use to ship international?

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USPS express service (international) works. I’m always buying devices from the U.S.