My Original Go needs a home. Free to someone who can really use it

Fellow tabletiers!

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Surface GO (Original Version with Pentium Gold 4417Y). No Keyboard. No Pen. And, currently don’t know where the power cord is. If I find it, I’ll send it along with the Tablet. Can be charged with any USB C charger if I can’t find it.

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Used and sitting in a drawer since I got the Go2.

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None. Free to a good home. Looking for an artist type or someone else who can put this puppy to use.

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Probably USPS Box Delivery. It’ll probably take me some time to wipe the drive and get it packed up for shipping. Patience required.

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No feedback.

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Need to find a good home for this device which is in great condition, even if time has passed it by.

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If its still available my sister in law could use it home schooling her grand kids. thanks Larry

Its still available Larry and I would be happy to send it along. It would please me to know it is being used for home schooling. Message me with your name and address.



I found the original box with the keyboard and power cord. The only thing you will need is a pen. It shipped today and is coming UPS ground. Glad you could use it.


Will let you know when it arrives and I have a pen. Thanks Larry


I just popped in to heap praise on Bronsky, this is what good internet communities should be about!


:+1: :+1: - way to go @Bronsky

Thanks. But, I was really happy to do it.

Now, if I could get rid of the rest of the stuff in my basement, that would be great. Takers?


Not before I get to unload my garage you don’t!