Starlite 12.5-inch Linux tablet

Supports a stylus per an answer from their Tech support:

the touchscreen does support a pen/stylus which would be an active capacitive pen type. This would need to comply with MPP 2.0 or WGP.

Discussed on Hackernews:

Product page:


Do you also read this as a 3:2 screen ratio?

StarLite 5 Is a Linux Tablet Powered by Intel Alder Lake N200 (

It will also support Windows 11, which is an option if you want. Sporting the N200 processor that is going into the Go4. Won’t be available until October.

With the way MS is going with Windows, it is tempting to think about Linux. But, I’m probably in practice (at least full time) only for another 5 years or so. Too little time to learn a new OS.

Yep. I think it is the same display as my Pro X, which is 3:2.


I would like to think that a pre-installed Linux would work well enough that there wouldn’t be much that one would need to learn.

I’m putting a bet on this sucking.

Open source projects like this always have so much jank that never gets fixed, despite expounding their ability to be updated/fixed by anyone (which many never are).