PineTab 2- Linux based 10 inch tablet- take two

We actually saw the first one as well though we were never able to actually buy one due to as the article mentions, supply chain issues that more or less caused it to be stillborn.

As the article also mentions, the new one uses the newest Rockchip chipset and it’s not a high-performance chipset, but it is exceptionally power efficient.

And at least in theory anyway, WOA could be made to run on it given that Rockchip chipsets hew fairly close to standard ARM instruction sets. Regardless it will also be a solid device for those who like to tinker.

PineTab 2 is another try at a Linux-based tablet, without the 2020 supply crunch | Ars Technica


Linux on ARM… There is actually a good number of native Linux ARM app thanks to Raspberry Pi, but I wonder if this one would perform any better than the Pi.

Every time I see this device’s name mentioned I think “Pine-Sol Pad”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s considerably more powerful than the chip in the Pi at least in our initial testing. Overall the Pine 64 is in same range roughly as the previous gen SnapDragon 700 chips

That’s surprising . SD 700 is reasonably powerful, likely will be pretty decent on Linux.