Samsung Tri-Fold Tablet


Looks interesting - I’ve watched a couple of artists trying out folding screen phones that allowed some form of drawing and there is an unmistakeable jump in the drawings when you cross the fold line so it’s not an idea that appeals to me from that point.

Never sway never though - apart from 3D TV (which I am pleased I never spent money on) - time and technology might just make the 17 inch tablet into something useable in the creative world.

Like the idea of rollable screens though - I think there’s more development for the future here.

I think what I see is two sizes of this concept. The one on the left looks to be SDuo-ish in size. The one on the right somewhere between the SNeo and the Asus 17 Fold.

It also looks like a screen hybrid - the center and right screens folding like the Z Fold, and the left screen being separate like the SDuo with gap. It will be interesting to see the OS’s, S-Pens (I don’t see no silos), postures and keyboard options.

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DJ Koh - Silos? Silos? We don’t need no stinking silos!

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