Samsung Galaxy Book Fold (maybe)

We think this is both real and will come in at least two different screen sizes, though ETA is very unclear.

Two anecdotal data points that support this.

One Samsung has already filed what is the equivalent in South Korea for trademarks and copyright stuff with this name.

Two Samsung has started telling some of their customers that 15.6 inches or so is the maximum size display that customer will buy in a clamshell or 2 in 1 form factor, but OTOH there is considerable demand for larger screen S-Pen capable devices.

There is a slight chance that Samsung might mention something about these at the upcoming Unpacked event, but our sources think it’s a lot more likely to come later in the year at a dedicated “Fold” event where they will also announce the follow ups to the Flip and Fold 3

Samsung’s Galaxy Book Fold laptop with a foldable display might launch soon (


Cautiously optimistic. Any hint about the OS for Book Fold? I have no use for an Android tablet that size. Thanks @Desertlap

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@Bishop definitely Windows 11


I take that to mean there’s hope for NEO as well!

Latest we hear is that the Neo isn’t dead yet, though it maybe on life support. However at the moment they are looking at Android 12L as the possible OS

Oh? I guess I’d better start saving up.

Very interesting this comes from the notoriously Apple fanboi site bgr

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Did they say how they arrived at that conclusion. To me that seems weird because a 17" 16:9 display when folded becomes ~11.2" 8:9:


Total dimensions for 17" 16x9:

  • Unfolded: 14.8" x 8.3" (37.6 cm x 21 cm)
  • Folded: 7.4" x 8.3" (18.8 cm x 21 cm)

That works out to slightly smaller than a Moleskine XL when folded:

So I think even 17" would hardly be ‘too large’ to carry.

@Marty I’m not 100% sure of the precise question or context that answer came from, as I got it second hand from a customer that has bought several of Samsung’s most recent Tab S and Galaxy Book Pros.

That being said, they are a design firm that is quite tablet centric for their staff and a constant query from them has been around bigger stylus friendly displays.

So your point is exactly that I think, in other words " how can i get bigger displays without getting a device that becomes to large to practically carry?"



17" devices take up a lot of room. I think that would be pushing it even for conference room tables for most users (CAD, etc. users being an exception), let alone on-the-go (and yes, I do think people would want to use such a device fully unfolded).

Nooooo! What’s the point of a glorified SDuo? I’m with @Bishop, not interested in Android beyond a phone. Samsung’s wasting time and money on huge Android tablets when they could have told out Windows in those sizes.