Samsung Mobile browser coming to Windows

Story on this here:

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For some reason, I am reluctant to give Samsung any additional opportunities to harvest personal information from my PC usage.


Why not? Google already has it all anyway… :crazy_face: :rofl:

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No Google apps on my PC. My default browsers search engine isn’t google on any device. If I hadn’t caved and gotten SDuo, I’d have been android free for 10 years.

To think I gave that up for MS to then abandon us. “ Of course, we’ll respect you in the morning!” :man_facepalming:

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I don’t use the Samsung browser even on Samsung phones. Edge’s been my default but I might give Samsung’s a try.

It’s above average in speed especially for graphics heavy pages (or at least the beta was).

@bishop, it may be a pick your poison type of thing as search feeds Bixby which is soon to have Google with it’s new AI toys as the backend, probably to be announced with the arrival of the S24

Gotta love the tech industry - what’s ours is ours (software licensing) and what’s yours is ours (data)…

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