Android's answer to Apple's continuity is coming

By far one of my favorite benefits of the Apple walled garden something you don’t fully appreciate until you don’t have it.

Android Is Catching Up to Apple in an Important Way - CNET

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This is true; I do miss my Beats Pro earbuds switching from iPhone to iPad to Mac without interfering with my workflow. However, I don’t see this as being much upside on Android UNLESS this also applies to Windows laptops - I can’t remember the last time I saw anyone using an Android tablet in the wild (short of kids at the airport). Sorry to be a jerk, but Android tablets just don’t seem to have a lot of traction in our neck of the woods…now bring that to a Samsung Windows laptop/tablet, and you would have a game changer for the ecosystem.


The article leaves that out, but it will be coming to Windows 11 via phone link and “compatible phones” according to what Google told us,which likely means Samsung most certainly along with the Pixels but might be hit and miss with other makers

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Judging from the demos of flex screen types, Samsung is about to become very interesting

CES 2022: Samsung reveal new Flex S and G panels for foldable devices | TechNave

EDIT: And check out this “Flex Note” beautiful, slim folding iPad-esque thing. It looks sized to be in the Asus ZenBook Fold 17 and Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold 16.3:

CNET on Twitter: “The Flex Note is Samsung’s concept of what a laptop — or tablet — could be. #CES2023” / Twitter

Tying it back to the theme of this thread: For the Flex Note - PLEASE don’t stick us with Android :pray:


I’m not an apple user, so I don’t know what’s missing from my current experience vs if I did the same thing but with all apple stuff, but with all my samsung stuff, things are pretty seamless. I have a samsung laptop, tablet, phone, watch, and earbuds. The Samsung Pro Pen works across all the screens (except of course the outer screen of the fold and the watch screen), including air commands and copy/paste. I can take a call from my phone, tablet, or watch either directly or through the buds. I would add my laptop into that, with I guess Phone Link, but since I use google voice, calls come in through that when I’m on the laptop. File continuity comes through OneDrive and OneNote for me. I don’t keep a digital task list, though I think Microsoft To Do would do that?

Although, for me, the biggest convergence comes from my phone actually being my desktop most of the time. It’s easy for everything to work together when everything is the same device.

Shane Craig commented on this recently, and I identified a lot in that. I tried to be all Surfacey back with my original Duo, Surface Book, and Pro X, but Microsoft dropped the watch forever ago and has basically abandoned the buds. They teased the Neo and dropped that too. I don’t trust Microsoft to not drop the devices I use. (And yet, here I am, trusting them with all my files and notebooks, but software is what they do.)

(366) What pulls this Surface Duo user towards Samsung’s Z Fold 4 - YouTube


I love the comment from “Jay” in that Twitter link:

“YouTubers will praise it but will continue to use their iPads.”

Really do like that Flex G panel!

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I watched this video and one thing that confuses me is that when he says he just tends to use the Fold4 screen as one big canvas than multi-task, but since he CAN’T do that on the dual screens of the Duo 2 I wonder how much of the difference he expereinces is because of the design itself.

I just wish it was 2026 and I had an iPhone 18 Fold Pro…

:point_up_2: this here! Can’t be bothered with android on anything larger than my Fold’s main screen. It’s Windows from there.
Quite unfortunate MS had abandoned the Surface earbuds, despite it’s shortfalls, it offers a one-click transition from one Surface device (including the Duo) to another using the Surface app.

I don’t often take phone calls, but I think I remember my buds passing off from watching video on the samsung laptop to the incoming call on my phone and back again when i dismissed the call.

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You would be two-and-a-half years older. You might want to give that wish some thought.

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Anyone tried Google’s Nearby share Beta for Windows? Nearby Share Beta for Windows

Seems decent but why the duplicity? They could have added that to the Phone Link app.

‘Cause Google wants to control