Playstation Portal?

This looks interesting, The price is certainly competitive, but the restrictions and incompatibility with cloud streaming is odd.

And lack of BlueTooth seems like a major miss.

The article says they seemed to have solved the latency that is often an issue with devices like the steam deck or the Rog Ally when running streamed xbox live titles.

Sony’s portable PlayStation Portal launches later this year for $199.99 - The Verge

Bad name too IMHO as portal implies access to your stuff…


Seems… limited

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Some people are comparing this to the Odin Lite for the same price, using the PS Remote Play app.

So you’re basically downsizing from 8" to 6" of screen and losing full-sized controls on the Portal, for the ability run local Android apps and use BT on the Odin.

If Sony unlocked the OS to support apps/media play, I think the value proposition would tip in the Portal’s favour, but right now the versatility of the Odin wins out.

I think it’s fine that it doesn’t have BlueTooth. It’s clearly a premium PlayStation accessory aimed at people who already own a PlayStation 5 and are likely to be willing to buy other PlayStation accessories.

And that market are more likely to care about audio latency, and will pay to reduce it.

It helps that the new PlayStation Pulse headphones and IEMs look to be good with planar magnetic drivers and are cheap for that.