Oppo Find N2

I think I’ve already linked to this video elsewhere, but I really think the Oppo Find N2 is going to be the preview of the next Surface Duo and deserves its own thread:

Even I look with envy at this unit, and love the shorter form factor than the Galaxy Fold; if only it were iPhone…


No pen. I would be lost without a pen. But the aspect ratio is interesting.

BTW, was the reviewer going for a Robert Downey Jr. look?


It does have a pen available, but not much info on that: Buy OPPO Pen For OPPO Find N2 Foldable Phone - Giztop

Michael Fisher (Mr. Mobile) has looked like that since first time I saw one of his reviews.


The problem is that it’s another Chinese manufacturer, so the software is going to be half-derrièred and likely never brought up to snuff.

As for Mr. Fisher, perhaps he used to deliberately go for the Robert Downey Jr. look, but I having watched his stuff for years now, I think he’s a little fed up with it. Most of his audience seem to have caught onto that and don’t bring it up. And hey, it’s a good look!

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If the new Duo is similar, color me interested. Though I still think I like the separate screens for what MS was going for, this is definitely the best look for a single folding screen I’ve seen yet. And I do like the aspect ratio much better than Samsung’s.

Don’t know this reviewer, but REALLY makes the OFN2 appealing (the reviewer, not so much - thinks he’s a comedian):

Almost all of his cons are because it is a jerry-rigged China only device…

Ars’ resident grump loves the hardware. Quote: “I have nothing but nice things to say about the Oppo Find N2’s hardware.” Now there’s something you don’t hear every day from Ron.

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It’s the REST of the story that is sad - “Beautiful hardware that Android just can’t deal with…”

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