Microsoft Surface Pro X

As much as I am unimpressed with the Pro X’s graphics capabilities, particularly when editing or playing multiple video clips, its capabilities while Zooming are quite good. Much better than my Go2. The Go2 was far superior in dealing with video clips, however. I don’t know if I quite understand that, unless there are different parts of the integrated GPU implicated by each function.


The Intel superiority in efficiently and effectively decoding video streams goes all the way back to the original mmx extensions of the core I chips.

Prior to that, they relied on utterly terrible software decoding, so bad that it was known to fry their processors if done for an extended period of time.

It was a priority to “get it right” from CEO Andy Grove who was early in seeing the huge future of PC based video and the engineers did arguably some of their greatest work in the designs of MMX

And of course, subsequently the codecs themselves were adapted and optimized with MMX in mind so you now have a self-perpetuating scenario.

OTOH the then CEO of Qualcomm allegedly made the claim that “no one is really going to watch video on a phone” and thus didn’t prioritize it. While Apple did and also built a substantial set of proprietary IP with their own A series chips which of course migrated to the M1 et al in the Macbooks.

Technically speaking, no one has matched what intel achieved with MMX, though Apple has come closest.


Wow, sounds like a Ballmer moment. :smiley:

But I’m surprised I haven’t heard anything regarding fixed-function video encode/decode blocks on the Hamoa die. Do you know if Qualcomm/Nuvia has been touting any hardware features to compete with Intel Quick Sync and Apple Pro Res hardware acceleration?

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Nothing official though allegedly one of the cofounders of Nuvia was the lead engineers for video with Apple’s A series chips

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Another compatability issue with the Pro X. My stand alone HP LaserJet P1006 (I know … I know) has no WOA driver. Anybody know a work around for this?

For HP, I believe there is a Printer App in the Microsoft App Store that may be able to help


Thanks. I’ll check it out.

Maybe this is what you are looking for?

That app solved whatever printer issue I had with my HP printer. Even lets me use the printers wireless function to print too without a hassle.

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And this is weird and bad… Both of our lab units are affected apparently.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X cameras have stopped working for everyone - The Verge

Me too. Noticed it yesterday during a Zoom Case Managment Call.

Dusting off my Go2 and will be using that for now. With the HP Driver issue and now this, I think the Intel 11" Pro will look more attractive than WOA in the future.

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I guess I was lucky that my video calls last week worked, and yesterday I got my fixed work PC (some old Dell piece of junk that I have no say over) that I can use again.

If it’s a certificate issue related to the date as is rumored, that’s just pure negligence.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had good luck with most printers using the Microsoft PCL6 class driver.

But yeah, I’m absolutely done with ARM when I’m able to upgrade next.


So, where the ■■■■ is the fix for this camera thing? Get on it Microsloth!


How much can it take to sign a certificate?

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Nothing, especially since Microsoft is the certificate authority and therefore can sign for itself. It looks pretty silly when you think about it in those terms.


I mean, come on, this was discovered a week before a holiday weekend. How could anyone at Microsoft possibly be expected to work all week? :roll_eyes:


They should have to work for my boss - wait - I AM my boss…what’s wrong with this picture?


In retail holiday is just another term for it’s either going to be slow at work today or busy depending on the holiday & store.


Saw this on Reddit, looks like there’s a workaround.

reg add “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Qualcomm\Camera” /v EnableQCOMFD /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

It seems to disable some Qualcomm thing (maybe the DSP or something?).

Edit: Page has been updated to reflect that a fix is now available in Windows Update. If you did perform the earlier registry fix, they did previously say that it would not cause future problems.


Yep. Cameras working now. The fix is working through windows update. Good luck other WOAs.