Microsoft Surface Pro X

So, the Pro X doesn’t charge from my Note 10s USB C charger? My Go does.

For just that reason I picked up one of these MINIX 66W Turbo 3-Port GaN Wall Charger (sub $30 at the time) with an included UK plug adapter to use with my SPX while on a trip last month to the UK. It work perfictely to simultaneous charge both my SPX and Note 10+ (I try to travel lightly).

Even when not traveling internationally, I like UK adapters for use on planes–the plug always holds in place. The UK plug portion easily slides off the retracting US built-in prongs.

Being a bean counter, I hate spending money. However, I can recommend this charger for a single solution charger in the US too.

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Another sign of neglect from Qualcomm and Microsoft, auto-rotate is broken.

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Can’t ANYONE issue fixes anymore that DON’T break something else - you’d think the federal government has taken over the tech industry…like dinosaurs that don’t know what the tail is hitting behind them…


My autorotate is not working. Oddly enough, I don’t even recall the update that did it. It was working fine the other day.

Classic Microsoft. :vb_disagree:

I’m beginning to think my ripe old SP8 is peak Surface - while smaller would be better - this is the end of the line for performance, features, stability, and form factor. The 2024 model may have faster processors, there won’t be an LTE option outside of WOA, and M$ + QC are like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.


You’re not alone, see two posts above yours. Pretty bad that MS didn’t catch this bug.

Why do I keep dreaming of a MacPad - even if they want $3k for one…

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